Infected Geraniums Spreading Verticillium Fungus

Greenhouse Crops
Verticillium fungus was a growing concern for geranium growers when this article was first published. The author was especially concerned for home growers and the impact Verticillium fungus would have on Oregon Willamette Valley geranium growers.

Nitrogen, Phosphorus Increase Croft Lily Bulblet Yields

Croft lily growers could use the bulblets to increase their stock quickly. Research conducted on Croft lilies production examined the conditions that produced the best bulblets, the results of the research are discussed by the Oregon State University affiliated authors.

Boron Deficiency Diagnosed in OSU Carnations

After observing the yellowing and dying of carnation stem tips in the Portland, OR and Corvallis, OR research was conducted on the William Sim carnation to find out the cause of the growth issues. The results of the study indicated a possible boron deficiency and are discussed by the author.

Use Proper Moisture When Storing Lily Bulbs

Lily bulb roots and bulb moisture while in storage were studied in an Oregon State University affiliated experiments from 1947-49. The authors discuss the results and the importance of maintaining proper bulb moisture while in storage.

Systox Suggested to Control Black Cherry Aphids

Research was conducted for three years on control of the Black Cherry aphid in this Oregon State University study. Black Cherry aphids were a major pest of Black Cherry trees when this study was conducted as they attack the new growth and can proliferate quickly.

Examine Clematis Roots for Nematode Infestation

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Control of nematodes in clematis was researched in this Oregon State University affiliated study. Root rot nematode, Meloidogyne hapla, one of the most devastating pests of the flowering clematis is discussed specifically by the author.

Late Lily-Bulb Digging Increases Number of Flowers

Research was conducted on Croft Lily bulbs and the influence the digging date had on the number of flowers produced. The author discusses the assumptions made by the industry about Croft lily bulb production in that time period in relation to the results of the research.

Supplemental Light Tested for English Holly Cuttings

Oregon State University affiliated studies were conducted after a report was released about using night interruption with incandescent lighting on holly cuttings. The results from the Oregon study were found to differ from the results of the USDA report released out of Maryland State College.

Boron Increases Rooting of Holly Cuttings

Experiments were conducted on holly cuttings over a three year period in this Oregon State University affiliated study. The methods and results of the experiments are discussed by the author.

Rose Rootstock Important in Nursery and Garden

Nursery Crops
Rose rootstock and scions were researched in this Oregon State University affiliated study. The tests were conducted to determine the importance of rootstock in the nursery and garden.