Sprout Control Sought for Lily Bulbs

Croft lily summer-sprouting was a problem for growers in Curry County, Oregon in 1953 and 1954 which caused significant financial losses for the growers. Greenhouse tests were conducted to find a control for the summer-srpouting and to figure out the conditions that contributed to sprouting.

New Fuchsia Disease Favored by Warm Weather

Greenhouse Crops
Root rot (Phytophthora parasitica) was thought to be affecting fuchsias of all ages around the Portland, Oregon area in the summer of 1958. Tests were conducted to figure out whether the root rot really was the cause of the observed symptoms.

Grading Methods Compared for Lily Bulbs

The standard method for grading lily bulbs was by size when this study was conducted. However, there was some interest in using weight as the standard grading method for lily bulbs. The results of the study are discussed by the Oregon State affiliated authors.

New Insecticides Control Soft Scale

Several different insecticides were tested for control of soft scale on holly and camellia over a five year period. Brown soft scale (Coccus hesperidum) and cottony camellia scale (Pulvinaria floceifera) were the two most common soft scale pests of holly and camellia when the study was done.

Semesan Bel Helps Control Crown Gall, Black Mold in Mazzard Cherry Seedlings

Nursery Crops
Oregon State University affiliated research on control of crown gall and black mold on Mazzard cherry seedlings is discussed the the author.

Boron Stimulates Rooting of Hybrid Clematis

Greenhouse Crops
Rooting of large-flowered hybrid clematis cuttings was the subject of research in the two studies discussed by the Oregon State University affiliated author. The studies tested four rooting treatments on different varieties of clematis with varying results.

High Temperatures Curb Poinsettia Rot

Nursery Crops
Research was conducted on poinsettia root rot in an effort to control the severe losses growers were experiencing due to poinsettia root rot. The study used a variation of temperature and lighting conditions and then observed under what conditions the plants did best.

Nursery Buying Habits Surveyed

The results of a 1958 marketing survey to determine the nursery buying habits of homeowners in the Portland, OR area. The survey included questions about the influence of home value, age, length of residence, and family income on buying habits.

Propagation by Cuttage Appears Practical for Deciduous Azaleas

Azalea cuttings from fourteen different varieties and four species were submitted to various treatments to evaluate the most effective method for getting the azalea cuttings to root.

Interaction Found Between Light, Temperature, Nitrogen on Azalea Growth

Plant Culture
Research on the Hexe variety of azalea from 1957-58 indicated an interaction between light, temperature, nitrogen and their affects on azalea growth. The studies were conducted in four separate seasonal studies under greenhouse conditions.