Tree Peonies Rooted From Leaf-Bud Cuttings

The study was carried out by the author based on a French method of propagating tree peonies using leaf-bud cuttings. Propagation of tree peonies had previously been done generally by grafting as propagation by cutting was considered very difficult to impossible.

Hormone Slows Leaf Drop on Holly Cuttings

The problem of leaf drop on holly cuttings after propagation was researched in an Oregon State University affiliated study. The results indicated success with one of the methods tested in the study of leaf drop on holly cuttings.

Temperature, Light Affect Mottled-Leaf in Azaleas

Plant disorders
Symptoms of mottled-leaf in azaleas and the effects temperature and light have on the symptoms are discussed by the Oregon State University affiliated authors.

Control for Azalea Leaf Diseases

Azalea leaf gall disease and leaf spot disease were studied in an effort to find an effective control for the problematic diseases. Different varieties of azaleas were tested by spraying the plants with several different fungicides.

Nursery Crops Lead to Specialty Sales

Nursery Crops
Survey of horticultural crop growers 1955 which included nurseries, florist crops, bulbs, rhizomes, corms, and holly. The author also looked at leading counties in specialty crop production in Oregon.

Propagate Holly With Berries

A propagation project on English Holly (Ilex aquifolium) at Oregon State University looked at the effectiveness of holly propagation by air layering cuttings with berries for market potential. Another propagation project discussed examined various degrees of shading and mist.

Terraclor for Control of Lily Root Rot

Oregon State University affiliate conducted a 15-year investigation into control of root rot in lily production. The results indicate a specific fungicide as being the most effective at helping the lilies grow. The author also includes methods for application of the fungicide and the economics involved.

Fast Forcing Lowers Bulb Count

Greenhouse crops
The fast forcing of Croft lilies for a specific production date is addressed by the author in this article. The results of a 1956-57 experiment are discussed which indicate optimal timelines and cultural practices.

Fertilizer Balance Affects Scorch

Research conducted on scion bud failure using the rose rootstock Rosa multiflora. Discussed in the article are the experiments that were done at Oregon Agricultural Experimental Station focusing on rootstock selection and cultural practices in relation to bud failure.

Propagate Azaleas by Cutting

A short article summarizing successful propagation of Azaleas by cutting grown in containers in a greenhouse.