Propagation of Stewartia pseudocamellia var. Koreana by Cuttings

An overview of research conducted at the North Willamette Research and Extension Center on propagating Stewartia pseudocamellia. Information on seed propagation as well as techniques for cuttings discussed.

Root Weevils in Review

An update on an ODA funded research project studying the effectiveness of several insecticides on adult root weevils. The study looks at containerized and field grown plants. The life cycles of three species of root weevil are discussed, the Strawberry, Obscure and Black Vine root weevil.

Weed Control in Container Crops

Effective weed management in container crops involves a combination of sound sanitary and cultural practices along with proper use of preemergence herbicides. Designed for commercial nursery producers of container crops, his publication covers three topics: using sanitary and cultural practices to minimize weed populations, selecting the most appropriate preemergence herbicides, and timing of herbicide applications.

Understanding Bark, Peat and Pumice in Your Soilless Substrate

Presentation from OSU researcher Jim Owen, discussing research conducted using common container media components.

Root Weevils on Ornamentals

A close look at three species of root weevils commonly found in the Pacific Northwest, the strawberry root weevil, black vine root weevil and the obscure root weevil. Discussion of their life cycles, common ornamental host plants and pest management strategies.

Management of Foliar Phytophthora Disease in Malus, Pyrus, and Rhododendron.

Research Final Report submitted to the Agricultural Research Foundation for the Oregon Association of Nurseries and the Nursery Research & Regulatory Committee by Oregon State University. Report looks at disease management of foliar Phytophthoras on nursery grown Malus, Pyrus and Rhododendron species.