Quince Rootstock Used for Dwarf Pears

An eight year long study was conducted on Quince rootstocks at the Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station. The researchers were looking at varietal compatibility, growth control, effect of interstocks, and resistance to decline.

Effect of Fertilizer Treatments on Production of Oregon Roses Tested

The 'Peace' rose variety was used in a study to determine standard fertilizer treatments for the Oregon rose industry. Nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and certain minor elements were all tested in the treatments.

Superior Bartlett Pear Found, Called OP-9

Breeding and Selection
Comparisons between Bartlett pear OP-9, OP-3, and various other Bartlett selections are made by the author after studies were conducted on the pear selections. OP-9 came from Mt. Adams Orchard in White Salmon, WA and the budded seedlings were given to three Oregon nurserymen for performance studies.

Ways to Maintain Holly Quality Discussed

Recommendations for storing holly to minimize the effects of mechanical injury, withering, defoliation and discoloration of leafs or berries. Methods discussed are partial drying, use of hormone treatments and additives, and cold storage.

How to Propagate Old Home Pear Rootstocks

Due to widespread interest in Old Home as a pear rootstock, studies were conducted to test its disease resistance and to establish effective propagation methods. The Oregon State University affiliated author discusses the results of the study and provides propagation recommendations.

New Controls Suggested for Holly Insects

Based on interest in controlling soft brown scale (Coccus hespiridum) and other insect pests of holly, research was conducted on several insecticides. The insecticides were tested for effectiveness against more than one insect pest, the results of the research is discussed by the author.

Carton Liner Important in Holly Shipments

The importance of maintaining certain standards for shipping holly was researched in a 1957 study. The study involved several different groups in Oregon and Washington and experimented with various packing materials to to prevent the holly from drying out.

Old Home Recommended Pear Rootstock

Pear fire blight and pear decline are discussed in relation to rootstocks, trunk-stocks, scions, fruit production, fruit quality. The author offers insight into studies conducted on pear trees in Oregon and Washington.

Systox Suggested to Control Black Cherry Aphids

Research was conducted for three years on control of the Black Cherry aphid in this Oregon State University study. Black Cherry aphids were a major pest of Black Cherry trees when this study was conducted as they attack the new growth and can proliferate quickly.

Constant Illumination Stimulates Growth on Softwood Azalea Cuttings

Cuttings of several kinds of deciduous azaleas were tested in studies addressing the lack of growth for rooted cuttings in the fall and winter. The study was based on the idea that fall and winter growth could reduce the time needed to produce a marketable plant.