Anthracnose-One of the Enemies

Plant Disease
The fungal plant disease "Anthracnose", Gloeosporium nervisequum, occurs when the conditions are favorable for fungus growth and a suitable host is available. The author describes the various symptoms of the disease and provides a partial list of susceptible hosts.

Are You Going to Fertilize This Year?

A discussion about English holly regarding fertilization suggestions made by A.N. Roberts and R.L. Ticknor in their previously published paper on commercial production of English holly in the Pacific Northwest. The author discusses the recommendations made by Roberts and Ticknor.

Progress Report on Research in Black Vine Weevil Control

An update on research that was conducted in Black vine weevil control based on what had been on going research for black vine weevil control for both larva and adult. The researchers discuss their results and offer control tactics they found successful.

Calcium and Rhododendron Growth

Rhododendrons samples were collected from different cultivars and nurseries then tested for calcium and magnesium content. The rhododendrons involved in the study were were given ratings based on leaf quality, plant quality, and flower bud formation.

Oregon Pieris Cultivars Tested for Root Hardiness

Breeding and Selection
A report on research conducted by Dr. Davis of the University of Massachusetts testing the root hardiness of several Pieris cultivars released to the nursery industry by Oregon State University. The two Pieris cultivars tested were, 'Valley Valentine' and 'Valley Fire'.

Special: Dogwood Diseases

Plant Disease
A discussion of dogwood (Cornus florida L.) diseases and their impact on the growth of the shade tree which could have an effect on the market value of the tree. Diseases discussed include; foliar diseases, viruses, twig blights, root rots, cankers, and a few other important diseases.

Bark and Sawdust - Mulches in Maintenance Planning

Soil media
Using mulches in landscaping and gardening environments is the topic discussed by the author. Specific areas addressed are; types of mulch, effect of mulch on microclimate, effect of mulch on soil conditions, and problems in mulch selection.

Special: Plant Injury Caused by Sawdust and Barks

The use of sawdusts and barks in media mixes and mulches is addressed by the Oregon State University affiliated author. The results of tests conducted to test the phytotoxic effects of two species of fresh bark are discussed along with recommendations.

Disease Resistant Pyracantha for the Pacific Northwest

Plant Breeding
The release of disease resistant varieties of Pyracantha for the Pacific Northwest prompted a study investigating the plants resistance to frost, suitable cultural characteristics, and required plant maintenance. The authors discuss the study and it's results.

Just How Often do You Need to Water?

Research was conducted by University of Idaho affiliated horticulturists answered concerns raised about the water shortage and how often to irrigate orchards. The types of trees used in the study were; Red Delicious, Rome Beauty and Jonathan apple trees and Italian prune trees.