Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus and Western Flower Thrips: Update

Plant Disease
Update report on tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV) and western flower thrips. The Oregon State University affiliated author provides information about the plant species affected, genetic resistance to TSWV, insecticides, and cultural practices.

Plant Pathogens - Plant Diagnosis Clinic

Plant Disease
An overview of the B.C. Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries plant diagnosis clinic at Cloverdale. The author discusses the history of the clinic, types of specimens examined, identified diseases and associated crops, and grower losses due to disease.

Simple Monitoring of Black Vine Weevil in Vineyards

The adult black vine weevil (Otiorynchus sulcratus Fabricus), a well-known pest of ornamentals, started to make its way into vineyards located in the south central coast of California in the late 80's. A study conducted on control of the pest in vineyards is discussed.

New Insect and Mite Pests of Conifers

The Oregon State University affiliated author discusses several pests of conifers and possible controls. The pests addressed include an eriophyid mite ("leaf vagrant" type), coneworms (Dioryctria), and a spider mite (Eotetranychus libocedri).

Preparation and Use of STS for Cut Rose Flowers

Nursery Crops
Information provided on the use of STS for cut roses based on previous research indicating STS improved the life of cut roses. The steps the authors include in the process are preparation of stock solution, deciding on treatment conditions, and preparing the solution.

Ethylene Effects on Roses - Growers May Need to Use STS

Nursery Crops
University of California, Davis affiliated study conducted on the ethylene effects on roses and the use of STS for cut roses. The authors address the effects of ethylene on different rose cultivars, effectiveness of STS, and practices to reduce ethylene damage.

Cut Flower Longevity of Peony

Greenhouse Crops
The Pennsylvania State University affiliated authors provide information on methods used to extend the longevity of cut flower peonies. Topics that are briefly discussed include cultivar selection, harvesting at the optimal growth stage, and storage techniques.

Peonies - Potential Forcing Crop

Greenhouse Crops
The University of California, Davis author examines the potential of forcing peonies as a greenhouse crop. The author provides background information on peonies along with the results and implications of the experiments conducted on the forcing potential of greenhouse grown peonies.

Strategies for Turfgrass Renovation

Practical strategies for the renovation of turfgrass, used to improve existing turf or change grass species for improved performance. The basic strategies discussed include simple overseeding, overseeding following suppression of existing turf, and complete renovation.

What Went Wrong? Problems With Athletic Fields

A thorough discussion involving athletic fields and associated problems. The Oregon State University affiliated author addresses the common problem of field use and drainage in an athletic field. Possible causes of drainage problems, explanations, and solutions are provided.