Chemical Eradication of Golden Bamboo, Phyllostachys aurea

An experiment conducted in affiliation with the University of California on the chemical eradication of golden bamboo (Phyllostachys aurea). The experiment report includes a brief discussion on materials and methods, results, and conclusions.

Atrazine - Herbicide Degradation, Carry Over, and Buildup

Oregon State University extension agent specializing in horticultural weeds discusses the herbicide atrazine. Specific topics addressed by the author include; herbicide degradation, carry over, buildup, and management of herbicide residues in horticultural crops.

Eriophyid Mites on Pine

Christmas Tree
An informative discussion regarding eriophyid mites and their effect on Scotch, Australian, red, and white pines. Symptoms of eriophyid mite injury on pines, biology and control methods, and monitoring are the topics the author focuses on.

Chinch Bugs in Lawns and Turf

A brief report on the observed increase in chinch bug (Blissus sp) damage to turf and lawns in western Oregon. The Oregon State University affiliated author covers the following topics; identifying damage, physical description, and control methods.

Weed Assessment Survey for Nursery Production now available online!

This survey will help clarify the current weed management needs of the nursery industry.

Overview of Commercial Production of Cut English Holly (Ilex aquifolium) in the Pacific Northwest

Oregon State University affiliated author offers an overview of commercial production of cut English holly in the Pacific Northwest. Topics include production statistics, marketing, culture, insect and pathogen problems, berry production, and post-harvest care.

Quackgrass-A Serious Problem Weed

Quackgrass (Elymus repens L. Gould) is a perennial problem weed of the cooler climates in the Northern Hemisphere. Quackgrass reproduction and spread, competition with crop plants, and quackgrass control methods are addressed in the article.

Nutrient Analysis Problems in Douglas-fir Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree
The results of an Oregon State University affiliated two year study on the nutrient levels of Douglas-fir trees on Oregon Christmas tree plantations. Samples were taken from trees four and five years old in the Corvallis, OR and Willamette Valley areas.

Photoperiod - A Grower Management Tool for Controlling Plant Growth and Development

The use of photoperiod as a management tool to achieve optimal plant growth and development in a nursery or greenhouse environment. The information provided includes explantations of photoperiod; how it works, its importance to the grower, and the various effects of photoperiod manipulation.

Swiss Needle Cast of Douglas-Fir

Plant Disease
Swiss needle cast (Phaeocryptopus gaumanni) is a fungal disease of Douglas-fir trees, native to the North American pacific coast, which causes needle and color loss. Topics discussed include, winter-spring symptoms, summer-fall symptoms, and control.