Resistance of Pests to Pesticides

Information on methods designed to reduce and/or prevent pesticide resistance build up in insect or mite populations. Topics addressed include background information on resistance, pest biology, pesticide use, proper pesticide use and application.

Intermittent Mist System Controls Devices for Propagation Plants

An examination of different intermittent mist system control devices used for plant propagation. The author discusses a variety of control devices including but not limited to program repeating timer, light operated timer control, and multizone mechanical controller.

Think Spring, Gardening, and Bedding Plants

Greenhouse Crops
A brief discussion about the popularity of bedding plants from a marketing perspective and which ones are the best sellers. The Pennsylvania State University affiliated author provides a table listing the best selling bedding plants and a USDA floriculture crops summary table.

Preparation and Use of STS for Cut Rose Flowers

Nursery Crops
Information provided on the use of STS for cut roses based on previous research indicating STS improved the life of cut roses. The steps the authors include in the process are preparation of stock solution, deciding on treatment conditions, and preparing the solution.

Ethylene Effects on Roses - Growers May Need to Use STS

Nursery Crops
University of California, Davis affiliated study conducted on the ethylene effects on roses and the use of STS for cut roses. The authors address the effects of ethylene on different rose cultivars, effectiveness of STS, and practices to reduce ethylene damage.

Cut Flower Longevity of Peony

Greenhouse Crops
The Pennsylvania State University affiliated authors provide information on methods used to extend the longevity of cut flower peonies. Topics that are briefly discussed include cultivar selection, harvesting at the optimal growth stage, and storage techniques.

Peonies - Potential Forcing Crop

Greenhouse Crops
The University of California, Davis author examines the potential of forcing peonies as a greenhouse crop. The author provides background information on peonies along with the results and implications of the experiments conducted on the forcing potential of greenhouse grown peonies.

Container Spacing Strategies Modify Media Temperature and Plant Growth

Nursery Crops
Research was conducted to determine container spacing strategies to reduce the effects of media temperature increases. The study was completed at a nursery in Florida using Ilex crenata `Helleri'. The authors discuss the results and offer incites into potential spacing strategies.

Irrigation Water Recirculating Systems

A report on studies conducted to determine whether irrigation water recirculating systems increases the spread of pathogens. Topics discussed include root death, factors causing root growth check, other possible pathogen sources, and chemical treatments.

Evaluation of a Metal Probe pH Meter

Greenhouse Crops
The results of a study conduction on metal probe pH meters. The study was conducted to determine the accuracy of the pH meter for measuring growing media pH. The University of Maryland affiliated author provides a table of the results and also discusses the results of the study.