Corm Weight Increases After Glad Flowering

A study conducted on the correlation between gladiolus corm size post harvest and flower and leaf removal is discussed by the author. The information is especially pertinent for the commercial cut flower market but useful for the home gardener also.

Temperature Influences Sprouting

Plant disorders
Author addresses the problem of "summer sprouting" in Croft lilies fields in southern, coastal Oregon. The 1955-56 experiments to control sprouting using temperature in the greenhouse are also briefly discussed.

Selected Multiflora Good Stock

Plant breeding
Research studying the effectiveness of several different Rosa multiflora rootstock and scions specific to Oregon and other northern growers of roses are discussed by this author.

English Rootstocks on Market

Plant breeding
Several English apple rootstock were studied in variety trails and are discussed in regard to differences in production, tree size, and resistance to specific pests.

Rogue for Gladiolus Disease

A helpful guide for recognizing Cucumber Mosaic virus in Gladiolus. A general timeline is given for how and when to rogue the plants infected with the virus.

Chemicals Control Soft Scale

Insect Control
The article discusses application of insecticide to control three common scales in western Oregon; soft brown scale, cotton-camellia scale, and Lecanium scale.

Propagate Azaleas by Cutting

A short article summarizing successful propagation of Azaleas by cutting grown in containers in a greenhouse.

Crown Gall Slows Cherry Tree Growth

The effects of Cherry Crown Gall on cherry tree productivity in comparison to disease free cherry tree productivity are researched in this 1952 study. The results of the study indicate trees planted with galls on roots showed reduced vigor and infection with new galls.

Phytophthora ramorum:A Guide for Oregon Nurseries


Very informative and useful publication for nursery management and workers. Discusses the history of Phytophthora ramorum in Oregon and its biology, hosts and symptoms. In depth information on the management and prevention of the pathogen.