When Air Temperatures Exceeded 90ºF...

Research conducted on growth and flower bud formation of three rhododendron cultivars grown with and without overhead irrigation. Authors were interested in determining the role of overhead irrigation and adequate soil moisture in preventing sunburned foliage.

Weed Assessment Survey for Nursery Production now available online!

This survey will help clarify the current weed management needs of the nursery industry.

Hearing date set for possible expansion of the Sudden Oak Death (SOD) quarantine area in Southern Oregon.

A hearing is scheduled to discuss proposed changes to the quarantine area and allow use of an oak from disease free area.

Production of Caliper Trees by Use of The "Minnesota System"

Nursery Crops
The University of Minnesota affiliated author discusses container production of caliper shade trees. The "Minnesota System" was designed to address the following problems; root circling in the container, winter injury of root system, and tipping over in windy weather.

Physical Properties of Container Media

A study of container media was established to determine and compare the water retention and aeration properties of the various mixes used. The following materials were combined into different mixes; peat, coarse sand, bark, fine sand, and sawdust.

Factors to Consider Before Tank Mixing Pesticides

The dangers of tank mixing pesticides are addressed by the University of California affiliated author. The factors discussed include; chemical incompatibilities, physical incompatibilities, general principles for mixing pesticides, specific mixtures to avoid, and causes of phytotoxicity.

Osmocote & Minor Element Formulations & Rates for Growing Nursery Stock in Containers

Fertilizer trials involving Osmocote and minor element formulations were conducted in 1979 in British Columbia to determine appropriate formulation, the rates to be used, and how long the formulations lasted in their sawdust:peat mixes.

Two Cups of This - Five Cups of That and a Pinch of the Black Stuff

The Oregon State University affiliated authors discuss fertilizers for container grown plants and the different factors to take into account when making or buying a fertilizer mix. The North Willamette container mix and suggestions for use are included.

Special: Plant Injury Caused by Sawdust and Barks

The use of sawdusts and barks in media mixes and mulches is addressed by the Oregon State University affiliated author. The results of tests conducted to test the phytotoxic effects of two species of fresh bark are discussed along with recommendations.

Is Your Mix Difficult to Wet?

Greenhouse and nursery container media along with the idea of using a wetting agent are discussed by the Cornell University affiliated authors. Research was conducted at the university testing approximately 150 wetting agents, methods and rates of application are addressed.