Genome Size Estimates and Chromosome Numbers of Callicarpa L.(Lamiaceae)

Breeding and Selection
Article reporting on a containerized study conducted at the University of Georgia, determining the genome size estimates for 16 taxa and chromosome counts on 6 species of Callicarpa L. Details of methods and results are discussed and reviewed.

Douglas Fir Needle Cast

Plant Disease
A discussion of Douglas fir needle cast, caused by the fungus Rhabdocline pseudotsugae, as it was an increasing problem at the time this article was written. The author also discusses the fungus lifecycle, symptoms, control practices, and research being conducted on chemical controls.

Understanding Bark, Peat and Pumice in Your Soilless Substrate

Presentation from OSU researcher Jim Owen, discussing research conducted using common container media components.

Management of Foliar Phytophthora Disease in Malus, Pyrus, and Rhododendron.

Research Final Report submitted to the Agricultural Research Foundation for the Oregon Association of Nurseries and the Nursery Research & Regulatory Committee by Oregon State University. Report looks at disease management of foliar Phytophthoras on nursery grown Malus, Pyrus and Rhododendron species.