Osmocote & Minor Element Formulations & Rates for Growing Nursery Stock in Containers

Fertilizer trials involving Osmocote and minor element formulations were conducted in 1979 in British Columbia to determine appropriate formulation, the rates to be used, and how long the formulations lasted in their sawdust:peat mixes.

Pear Rootstocks - General Characteristics, Principle Limitations

A table put together by Robert Stebbins, an extension tree fruit and nut specialist in affiliation with Oregon State University. The table provides information on a variety of pear rootstocks, the general characteristics of the rootstock and limitations of the rootstock.

Symptoms and Control of Botrytis on Statice

Plant Disease
Botrytis blight, a plant disease caused by Botrytis cinerea Pers. ex Fr., on statice (Limonium sinuatum Mill,) was studied by the University of Florida. The following topics are discussed; symptoms, seeds, field planting, and cultural and chemical control.

Rooting of Ilex Not Increased in Osmocote Amended Propagation Medium

Oklahoma State University reported having had higher rooting percentages with Osmocote amended media than without in holly rooting trials. A holly rooting trial was then initiated by R.L. Ticknor in affiliation with Oregon State University, the results are discussed.

Progress in Tissue Culture Propagation of Ornamentals

Plant propagation
Research was conducted on the propagation of rhododendron, apples, raspberries, strawberries, lily bulbs, iris bulbs, Kalmia, Daphne, and arctostaphylos by tissue culture at the Northwestern Washington Research and Extension Unit.

Transmission and Control of Plant Diseases in Propagules

Plant propagation
A discussion about propagation and the transmission and control of plant diseases. The topics addressed in relation to propagation and plant disease include; significance of propagule transmission, control procedures, bulbs and corms, and seeds.

Flowering, Container-Grown, Rhododendrons for Valentines Day...Mother's Day

Greenhouse Crops
A tutorial on how to establish a production schedule for container grown rhododendrons for Valentines Day and Mother's Day. The author discusses scheduling and cultural practice, evaluation of 140 cultivars, and first season flowering cultivars.

Two Cups of This - Five Cups of That and a Pinch of the Black Stuff

The Oregon State University affiliated authors discuss fertilizers for container grown plants and the different factors to take into account when making or buying a fertilizer mix. The North Willamette container mix and suggestions for use are included.

Growth Media for Bulbous Iris Forcing

Research was conducted on bulbous Iris forcing at the Puyallup satellite of the USDA - SEA Ornamental Plants Research Laboratory. The focus of the research was growth media and fertilizer treatments in an effort to establish more efficient pretreatment schedules.

Special: Plant Injury Caused by Sawdust and Barks

The use of sawdusts and barks in media mixes and mulches is addressed by the Oregon State University affiliated author. The results of tests conducted to test the phytotoxic effects of two species of fresh bark are discussed along with recommendations.