Is Your Mix Difficult to Wet?

Greenhouse and nursery container media along with the idea of using a wetting agent are discussed by the Cornell University affiliated authors. Research was conducted at the university testing approximately 150 wetting agents, methods and rates of application are addressed.

New Resource -- Conserving Pot Facilitates Easy Plant Care!

Technological advances in container design are discussed by the Oregon State University affiliated author. A comparison of the standard pot design and a new pot design in relation to plant growth, container media, and function.

Back to Basics: The Optimum Root Environment

Oregon State University affiliated Drs. Jim Green and David Adams discuss the importance of using an integrated system to provide the best root environment possible. The authors focus on the integration of media, irrigation, and fertilization, specially how the three components effect plant growth.

More on Trace Elements

Greenhouse Crops
Several greenhouse crops are discussed, specifically how the crops interact with or are damaged by trace elements. The cause of burning on white potted mums was determined to be too much boron while fluorine was determined to be the cause of certain problems in both lilies and poinsettias.

Leaf Browning and Shedding - Arbor-Vitae and Juniper

Plant disorders
Leaf browning and shedding in juniper and arborvitae are addressed in an effort to differentiate between natural causes and disease in the plants. The three fungi discussed can infect the plants and cause extensive damage, they are; leaf-blight (Didymascella thujina), tip-blight (Coryneum berckmannii) and juniper blight (Phomopsis juniperovora).

Measuring a Medium's Airspace and Water Holding Capacity

Container Media
The author addresses how to measure the airspace and water holding capacity of a medium. The method allows the growers to determine water holding capacity for themselves and make the appropriate adjustments to the medium for the water needs of different plants.

Container Soils are Different

Container Media
A discussion of the differences between container media and ground bed media in regard to water availability for plant growth. Also addressed is "the container effect", differences in soil texture, the importance of the appropriate amount of aeration, and the affects of aeration on plant growth.

The Importance of Selecting a Growth Medium With Adequate Aeration

Container Media
The Oregon State University affiliated author offers incite into the importance of adequate aeration when choosing a growth medium. A few of the topics discussed include; the relationship between oxygen, root growth and plant growth, and symptoms of poor aeration.

"Sour" Sawdust Mulch May Damage Ornamentals

The use of sawdust mulch is discussed in relation to the horticulture industry and it's use of "sour" sawdust mulch as it was done at the time the article was written. The Oregon State University affiliated authors briefly discuss the effects the "sour" mulch had on ornamental plants.

Effect of Flower Buds on Rooting Response-Tested

Nursery Crops
Cultivars of Rhododendron cuttings are compared after experiments were carried out designed to determine if flower buds had an effect on root growth of the cuttings. The author discusses the results of the studies and their implication for propagation of Rhododendron by cutting.