Clonal Propagation of Plums, Cherries Studied

Clonal propagation of plums and cherries was studied in an attempt to determine a standardized method for propagating plum and cherry trees. The recommendations made were supported by research done in Oregon and elsewhere on clonal propagation.

Clonal Propagation of Several Pyrus Species

Following the success of a previous study to propagation Old Home pear (Pyrus communis) cuttings, experiments were conducted on several other Pyrus species. Two different propagations methods were tested on the various Pyrus cuttings.

Rooting Compound Tested for Sweet Gum Cuttings

Sweet Gum cuttings were tested for susceptibility to rooting using various rooting compounds in the Oregon State University affiliated study. The author provides a table listing rooting percentages for the selection of cuttings of Sweet Gum tested.

Supplemental Light Tested for English Holly Cuttings

Oregon State University affiliated studies were conducted after a report was released about using night interruption with incandescent lighting on holly cuttings. The results from the Oregon study were found to differ from the results of the USDA report released out of Maryland State College.

High Temperatures Curb Poinsettia Rot

Nursery Crops
Research was conducted on poinsettia root rot in an effort to control the severe losses growers were experiencing due to poinsettia root rot. The study used a variation of temperature and lighting conditions and then observed under what conditions the plants did best.

Fertilizer Balance Affects Scorch

Research conducted on scion bud failure using the rose rootstock Rosa multiflora. Discussed in the article are the experiments that were done at Oregon Agricultural Experimental Station focusing on rootstock selection and cultural practices in relation to bud failure.

Weed Control in Container Crops

Effective weed management in container crops involves a combination of sound sanitary and cultural practices along with proper use of preemergence herbicides. Designed for commercial nursery producers of container crops, his publication covers three topics: using sanitary and cultural practices to minimize weed populations, selecting the most appropriate preemergence herbicides, and timing of herbicide applications.

Understanding Bark, Peat and Pumice in Your Soilless Substrate

Presentation from OSU researcher Jim Owen, discussing research conducted using common container media components.