Soil Pasteurization and Mycorrhizal Inoculation Alter Flower Production and Corm Composition of Brodiaea laxa 'Queen Fabiola'

Research was conducted on the wild hyacinth 'Queen Fabiola' (Brodiaea laxa) to determine whether the addition of mycorrhizal inoculum into the growing medium of Brodiaea laxa altered aspects of flower production, corm production, and corm quality.

Production of Daphne X burkwoodii `Carol Mackie'

Nursery Crops
A discussion about Daphne X burkwoodii `Carol Mackie' for wider landscape use. Topics of discussion include plant origins, propagation experiments, effects of propagation date on rooting, effects of fertilizers on branching, and growing trials.

Peonies - Potential Forcing Crop

Greenhouse Crops
The University of California, Davis author examines the potential of forcing peonies as a greenhouse crop. The author provides background information on peonies along with the results and implications of the experiments conducted on the forcing potential of greenhouse grown peonies.

Container Spacing Strategies Modify Media Temperature and Plant Growth

Nursery Crops
Research was conducted to determine container spacing strategies to reduce the effects of media temperature increases. The study was completed at a nursery in Florida using Ilex crenata `Helleri'. The authors discuss the results and offer incites into potential spacing strategies.

Evaluation of a Metal Probe pH Meter

Greenhouse Crops
The results of a study conduction on metal probe pH meters. The study was conducted to determine the accuracy of the pH meter for measuring growing media pH. The University of Maryland affiliated author provides a table of the results and also discusses the results of the study.

Toxicity of Growing Medium Drench Fungicides

The Ohio State University affiliated author discusses growing medium fungicide drenches and phytotoxicity. The discussion was prompted by reports of growers having issues with stunting and leaf burning after a fungicide drench of growing medium was applied.

Update on Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus

Greenhouse Crops
Increasing number of reports of greenhouse crops displaying symptoms of tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV) prompted the authors to address the issue. Topics discussed are; the history of TSWV in the US, the wide variety of ornamental and non-ornamental hosts, symptoms, and control.

When Air Temperatures Exceeded 90ºF...

Research conducted on growth and flower bud formation of three rhododendron cultivars grown with and without overhead irrigation. Authors were interested in determining the role of overhead irrigation and adequate soil moisture in preventing sunburned foliage.

Forcing Rhododendrons as Pot Plants - A Progress Report

Nursery Crops
The results of experiments conducted by Agriculture Canada Saanichton Research and Plant Quarantine Station to determine procedures for forcing container grown rhododendrons. The authors discuss the details of the experiments along with the different rhododendron cultivars used.

Overwintering Container Grown Plants

Plant Stress
A detailed guide for how to overwinter container grown plants, produced in affiliation with the Oregon State University Horticultural Department. Topics covered include; an explanation on the theory of desiccation, effects of freeze damage, cold acclimatization, and the prevention of winter damage.