Mineral Nutrient Deficiencies and Toxicities

The following minerals are addressed in the Octoberpest 2006 presentation: nitrogen, phosphorus, ammonium, magnesium, potassium, sulfur, calcium, boron, copper, zinc, salt, and fluoride.

Irrigation Decisions: When and How Much?

A discussion about the factors to consider when making irrigation decisions involving container plants in the nursery environment. Topics include leaching, irrigation timing, substrate material, and plant architecture.

Phosphorus in Containers and the Environment

An in-depth look at the relationship between phosphorus, container plant health, the impact of phosphorus on the environment, and possible solutions.

Substrate Properties: How to Measure and Manage Them

Container Media
Presented by Jim Owen at the 2006 North Willamette Research and Extension container workshop, a discussion about substrate in containerized production.

Wise Water Use for Container Production

A discussion on wise water use for container production, presented at the 2006 Far West Show by Jim Owen.

Clay Amended Soilless Substrate: Increasing Water and Nutrient Efficiency in Containerized Crop Production

Research was conducted on nutrient and water use in an effort to improve efficiency and minimize leaching/runoff with the goal of developing improved practices and production systems.

Minute Nursery Trees, a Break-Though for the Tropics?

A method for producing 'mini-trees' for commercial production in the nursery environment. The author discusses how the 'mini-trees' are produced, packing and transport, second-stage nursery and field establishment, the scope for mini-trees in the tropics, and a project proposal.

Bulbous Iris Forcing -- Fertilizer Requirements

An informative discussion about Bulbous iris forcing based on information involving fertilizer requirements from previously conducted studies. The author focuses on the following topics; nitrogen deficiency, calcium deficiency, and boron deficiency.

Germination Requirements for Acer Macrophyllum, Bigleaf Maple

As the use of native plants in landscaping became more popular, the authors recognized the need for more information on the collection, handling, and cultural requirements the plants. The discussion focuses on the information collected regarding the Bigleaf Maple.

Physical Properties of Container Media

A study of container media was established to determine and compare the water retention and aeration properties of the various mixes used. The following materials were combined into different mixes; peat, coarse sand, bark, fine sand, and sawdust.