Commodity Commissions

A thorough and informative discussion about commodity commissions in Oregon. The author addresses what commodity commissions are, how and why commissions form, general information on how they operate, and advantages and disadvantages of commodity commissions.

Computer Modeling and Simulation of Plant Development

The Oregon State University affiliated author discusses the use of computer modeling and simulation of plant development. The discussion includes various different ways growers could use the technology to improve multiple aspects of their operation.

Programmed Plant Development

Post Harvest
The author discusses the programmed plant development of bare-root of deciduous trees and controlled environments to ensure plants goes though the required developmental stages post field removal in order to be acclimatized to new environments.

Douglas-Fir Needle Midge...Determining a Spray Schedule Through Use of a Midge Trap

Christmas Tree
Douglas-fir needle midges are discussed in regard to their impact on Christmas tree production. The topics specifically addressed are; midge descriptions, building emergence traps, chemical control, cultural control, physical control, and biological control.

Every Christmas Tree a '10'

Christmas tree
The idea of using clones in the Christmas tree industry is debated by the Oregon State University affiliated author. The use of clones could lead to more uniform sellable trees but could also lead to a lack of genetic diversity in the Christmas tree industry.

Production of Caliper Trees by Use of The "Minnesota System"

Nursery Crops
The University of Minnesota affiliated author discusses container production of caliper shade trees. The "Minnesota System" was designed to address the following problems; root circling in the container, winter injury of root system, and tipping over in windy weather.

Production Greenhouses Eligible for More Rapid Rate of Depreciation

The author, an extension economist in affiliation with the University of Connecticut, discusses the Revenue Act of 1978 and it's impact on the greenhouse industry. The act allowed for reclassification of structures to buildings, changing the method used to calculate greenhouse depreciation.

Heat Dispersion of Fungicides - Powdery Mildew Eradicated

Fungicides new to the market in 1979 were tested for effectiveness of control over rose powdery mildew and also tested for control of powdery mildew on a wide variety of other crops. Effectiveness of the fungicides, methods, and fungicide use in the greenhouse are discussed.

Transmission and Control of Plant Diseases in Propagules

Plant propagation
A discussion about propagation and the transmission and control of plant diseases. The topics addressed in relation to propagation and plant disease include; significance of propagule transmission, control procedures, bulbs and corms, and seeds.

Foliar Fertilization of Flower Bulb Crops - A Trial and Some Thoughts

Foliar fertilization trials were conducted on tulips, Iris, and Narcissus to determine the effectiveness of a foliar fertilization spray on the bulb yields. The authors discuss their methods, materials used, and the results of the trial.