Bark and Sawdust - Mulches in Maintenance Planning

Soil media
Using mulches in landscaping and gardening environments is the topic discussed by the author. Specific areas addressed are; types of mulch, effect of mulch on microclimate, effect of mulch on soil conditions, and problems in mulch selection.

Thermometer Accuracy

The importance of thermometer accuracy in regard to energy conservation in the greenhouse is discussed by the Washington State University affiliated author. Directions are provided, instructing the reader on how to properly calibrate a thermometer.

Energy Conservation - Greenhouses

Ideas for how to conserve energy in greenhouses are discussed by the Oregon State University affiliated author. The type and conditions of materials used can affect the amount of heat lost, light conservation is also briefly discussed.

Container Soils are Different

Container Media
A discussion of the differences between container media and ground bed media in regard to water availability for plant growth. Also addressed is "the container effect", differences in soil texture, the importance of the appropriate amount of aeration, and the affects of aeration on plant growth.

The Importance of Selecting a Growth Medium With Adequate Aeration

Container Media
The Oregon State University affiliated author offers incite into the importance of adequate aeration when choosing a growth medium. A few of the topics discussed include; the relationship between oxygen, root growth and plant growth, and symptoms of poor aeration.

Penta Treated Greenhouses-A New Angle

Greenhouse Crops
The use of PENTACHLOROPHENOL to treat wooden greenhouses against degradation is discussed by the author. PENTA was toxic to plants but the author includes a letter from an individual who used a different method involving PENTA and epoxy paint. The grower was able to successfully propagate plants in the treated greenhouse.

Horticultural Crops Research Needed for the 1970's

Nursery Crops
Based on a previous article calling for research in the ornamental crops industry in Oregon, the authors elaborate on what ornamental and horticultural areas need more research. Specific crops are listed along with the most pertinent areas for each crop needing more research.

Research Needs Discussed for Expanding Ornamentals Industry

Nursery Crops
The future of research and extension work in the ornamental industry at Oregon State University is discussed by the author. Research and extension staff worked to identify areas in need of research and established priorities with in those areas.

Eight Herbicides Rated for Nursery Weed Control

Research was carried out on nursery weed control with the use of herbicides. The herbicides were rated according to effectiveness of weed control and amount of plant damage. The weed control tests were conducted on both summer and winter weeds.

Increase in Virus Disease of Glads Under Study

Due to an observed increase in damage of gladiolus from viruses and a decrease in fungus affecting the gladiolus, a study was carried out to find out what was the cause of the change. The author briefly discusses cultural practices to minimize virus damage in gladiolus.