Rate, Placement of Phosphorus Affect Lily Bulb Yields

Questions were raised by lily bulb growers as to the amounts of phosphorus needed in bulb production and the timing of the applications of phosphorus. The authors conducted a study to determine the answers to the grower's questions and discuss their findings in the article.

Nutrition, Temperature Affect Christmas Tree Quality

Christmas tree
Oregon Christmas tree shipping trials were conducted in 1962 to determine the factors involved in deterioration of the trees post-harvest. Details of the study are discussed along with the factors that seemed to be the most important based on the results produced.

Nursery Buying Habits Surveyed

The results of a 1958 marketing survey to determine the nursery buying habits of homeowners in the Portland, OR area. The survey included questions about the influence of home value, age, length of residence, and family income on buying habits.

Nursery Crops Lead to Specialty Sales

Nursery Crops
Survey of horticultural crop growers 1955 which included nurseries, florist crops, bulbs, rhizomes, corms, and holly. The author also looked at leading counties in specialty crop production in Oregon.

Heavy Cutting is Approved for Sustained Holly Yields

Oregon State University affiliated study on the effects of light, medium and heavy pruning on holly for quality holly spray production. The author used a English-French holly variety for the 5 year study.

Terraclor for Control of Lily Root Rot

Oregon State University affiliate conducted a 15-year investigation into control of root rot in lily production. The results indicate a specific fungicide as being the most effective at helping the lilies grow. The author also includes methods for application of the fungicide and the economics involved.

Post Harvest Handling of Douglas-Fir Christmas Trees

Christmas tree
Research was conducted on moisture loss from Douglas-Fir Christmas trees at Oregon State University from 1981-85. The author discusses the objectives and results of the 4 year study and their effects on the Northwest Christmas tree industry.

Harvest and Planting Rates of Christmas Trees in Oregon

xmas tree
A discussion of the Christmas tree industry in the Pacific Northwest during the early 80's and its future economic outlook for growers. Oregon statistics of the era are listed including harvest numbers and estimated planting numbers.

Tulip Tree Aphid

A detailed overview of the tulip tree aphid (Macrosiphum liriodendri), including information on identifying the pest on its common host Liriodendron tulipifera (tulip tree). Topics such as its life cycle, damage, and control measures are discussed.

Irrigation Practices: Measuring Sprinkler System Application Uniformity

A useful resource for nursery professionals to help guide them through the process of checking their overhead irrigation systems uniformity.