Inoculation with Ericoid Mycorrhizal Fungi Alter Root Colonization and Growth in Nursery Production of Blueberry Plants from Tissue Culture and Cuttings

The objectives of this work were to determine whether inoculation of blueberry nursery plant with EMF influences rooting, subsequent plant growth, or mycorrhizal colonization of blueberry plants produced from tissue culture and cuttings.

Cultural Variation and Mycorrhizal Status of Blueberry Plants in NW Oregon Commercial Production Fields

Nursery Crops
The design of the study conducted was to assess the mycorrhizal status of blueberry plants in commercial farms in the Willamette Valley of Oregon and to determine whether relationships exist between cultural practices, root distribution, soil characteristics and level of colonization by mycorrhizal fungi.

Inoculation with Vesicular-Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi and Rhizobacteria Alters Nutrient Allocation and Flowering of Harlequin Flower

The objectives of the study were to 1) determine whether addition of AMF inoculum into the growing medium of harlequin flower alters aspects of flower production, bulb production, and bulb quality, and 2) assess whether other rhizosphere organisms present in the AMF inoculum play a role in plant response to inoculation.

Spring Growth of Almond Nursery Trees Depends Upon Nitrogen From Both Plant Reserves and Spring Fertilizer Application

Nursery Crops
The purpose of this study was to determine which source of nitrogen (N) (i.e. reserves or spring fertilizer applications) has the greater effect on new growth of almond nursery trees. 'Nonpareil' almond (Prunus dulcis (Mill) D. A. Webb) trees on 'Nemaguard' rootstocks were used in the study.

Root Damage Affects Nitrogen Uptake and Growth of Young Fuji/M.26 Apple Trees

Nursery Crops
Research was conducted with the intent of evaluating the effect of different levels of root damage at planting on nitrogen uptake and growth of bench-grafted young apple (Malus domestica Borkh 'Fuji'/M.26) nursery trees.

Growth and Nutrient Use of Ericaceous Plants Grown in Media Amended with Sphagnum Moss Peat or Coir Dust

Nursery Crops
The objectives of the USDA-ARS affiliated study were to determine whether growth, nutrient use, and storage components of ericaceous plants differ when grown in media amended with varying proportions of sphagnum peat or coir.

Soil Pasteurization and Inoculation with Glomus intraradices Alters Flower Production and Bulb Composition of Zephyranthes spp.

The objective of this study was the determine whether addition of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (VAMF) inoculum into the growing medium of different Zephyranthes spp. alters aspect of flower production, bulb production, and bulb quality.

Mycorrhizal Status of Sand-Based Cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) Bogs in Southern Oregon

The USDA-ARS affiliated author reports on the results from a survey of several sand-based cranberry bogs in southern Oregon to determine the presence and extent of colonization by ericoid mycorrhizal fungi under organic and conventional production conditions.

Mycorrhizal Fungi in Rooting Substrate Influences the Quantity and Quality of Roots on Stem Cuttings of Hick’s Yew

A report on research conducted to determine 1) whether the addition of vesicular–arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (VAMF) inoculum into the rooting substrate during cutting propagation increases rooting of hick’s yew and 2) how the quantity of VAMF inoculum influences the rooting of hick’s yew under nursery production conditions.

Nitrogen Absorption, Translocation and Distribution From Urea Applied in Autumn to Leaves of Young Potted Apple (Malus domestica) Trees

In this study, N-urea was used to assess uptake, translocation and distribution of nitrogen (N) from urea after application in the autumn to leaves of 1-year old bench grafted apple (Malus domestica Borkh) nursery trees.