Root Weevil Update

Information provided on an Oregon State University affiliated study conducted on root weevils and chemical control methods. The authors provide tables highlighting the results of the study for the foliar chemical applications and drench chemical applications.

Chemical Application of Pesticides Using Spray Equipment

A summary of Dr. Frank Hall's presentation at the 1984 NW Ag Show in Portland, OR on chemical application of pesticides. Topics addressed in the summary include; spray deposition, importance of accuracy, methods, nozzle size, and nozzle calibration.

European Crane Fly

Washington State University affiliated entomologist discusses the European crane fly (Tipula paludosa) and it's impact in the Pacific Northwest. Topics addressed include it's introduction into North America, lifecycle, biological and environmental controls, and chemical controls.

Complementary, Field Plantings: Grass and Nursery Plants

Nursery Crops
The Oregon State University affiliated author examines the practice of complementary field plantings and the various benefits of the practice. A list is provided that includes multiple practical ideas for growers to incorporate into their operations for increased efficiency.

One of Our Under-Utilized Insecticides - Horticultural Spray Oils

A discussion about the use of horticultural sprays and their effectiveness in controlling a wide variety of pests. The Oregon State University affiliated authors include the specifications for superior oils and the traditional caution statements.

Douglas-Fir Needle Midge...Determining a Spray Schedule Through Use of a Midge Trap

Christmas Tree
Douglas-fir needle midges are discussed in regard to their impact on Christmas tree production. The topics specifically addressed are; midge descriptions, building emergence traps, chemical control, cultural control, physical control, and biological control.

Flatheaded Apple Tree Borer & Pacific Flatheaded Borer: Live Larvae - Dead Trees

A discussion about the flatheaded apple tree borer (Chrysobothris femorata Olivier) and the Pacific flatheaded borer (Chrysobothris mali Horn). The authors offer information concerning; physical descriptions, habits, life cycle, damage, and several control methods.

The Western Spruce Budworm Strikes Again!

The western spruce budworm (Choristoneura occidentalis Freeman), a native Oregon insect, is the subject of discussion. The author addresses the history of the pest in Oregon, life cycle, damage caused, controls, and plans to implement a spray program.

The Chemical Basis for Resistance of Certain Rhododendron Cultivars to Foliar Feeding by Root Weevils

Breeding and Selection
Studies were conducted to determine if there was foliar feeding resistance to root weevils in certain rhododendron cultivars. The results, suggesting the lepidote branch had more resistant cultivars than the azalea branch, are thoroughly discussed by the author.

A Root Weevil Perspective

Root weevils can be a serious pest for Oregon growers of ornamental plants, the root weevil feeds on more than 100 plant species. The author offers a brief but informative discussion on the life cycle, root and foliar feeding, control of adult root weevil, and larval control.