Tent Caterpillar Alert

In the winter of 1975, shade and fruit tree growers were warned about possible tent caterpillar population increases during the up coming growing season. Oregon counties that experienced high populations during the previous population spike in 1965-66 were; Multnomah, Columbia, Washington, and Yamhill

Status of the European Shoot Moth in Oregon

A brief history of the invasive pest European pine shoot moth, Rhyacionia buoliana (Schiff.), in Oregon. Surveyed Oregon counties found to have infestations were; Clackamas, Lane, Marion, Multnomah and Umatilla. Control methods for the moth are discussed along with descriptions of the life cycle and damage caused by the moths.

Pine Shoot Moth Control

Pesticides were tested over a period of four summers for improved control of European pine shoot moth. The author suggests several methods for predicting the first spray application date as it can vary from year to year.

A Review of Ornamental Plant Pathology at Oregon State University

Nursery Crops
A report on the history of the research conducted at Oregon State University (OSU) on important diseases of nursery, bulb, and florist crops. Topics covered are research on; fungus diseases, virus diseases, bacterial diseases, nematode diseases, and the past and future of ornamental research at OSU.

Entomology Research Programs Aid Industry

The history and impact of entomology research conducted in affiliation with Oregon State University is discussed by the author. Topics include; holly and camellia scales, gladiolus viruses, holly insects, pear root aphid, symphylans, tent caterpillars, and control of virus spread.

Horticultural Crops Research Needed for the 1970's

Nursery Crops
Based on a previous article calling for research in the ornamental crops industry in Oregon, the authors elaborate on what ornamental and horticultural areas need more research. Specific crops are listed along with the most pertinent areas for each crop needing more research.

Heptachlor Controls Narcissus Bulb Fly

A study was conducted to determine the effectiveness of a specific control for bulb fly larvae (Merodon equestrist) on Narcissus bulbs. The results showed it was possible to control the pests while leaving the Narcissus bulbs in the ground for the desired 2-3 years without being damaged.

Increase in Virus Disease of Glads Under Study

Due to an observed increase in damage of gladiolus from viruses and a decrease in fungus affecting the gladiolus, a study was carried out to find out what was the cause of the change. The author briefly discusses cultural practices to minimize virus damage in gladiolus.

Effect of Insecticides on Garden Lily Bulb Yield

Several different varieties of garden lily bulbs and their response to insecticides was the subject of the Oregon State University affiliated study. The author discusses the results of the study and provides tables to illustrate the data collected.

How to Propagate Old Home Pear Rootstocks

Due to widespread interest in Old Home as a pear rootstock, studies were conducted to test its disease resistance and to establish effective propagation methods. The Oregon State University affiliated author discusses the results of the study and provides propagation recommendations.