Live plant imports: the major pathway for forest insect and pathogen invasions of the US


A discussion about live plant imports as an important invasion pathway for non-native plant pests. The authors discuss the effect of current regulation, the need for updated regulation, and the recent and proposed changes to plant import regulation.

Oregon Christmas Tree Harvest Underway

Oregon Christmas tree growers are busy exporting trees to far away destinations including Hawaii, Philippines, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Bred for Success

Oregon State University professor Ryan Contreras discusses the Nursery Crop Breeding Program at OSU and the current research being conducted into woody landscape cultivars with reduced invasive potential, increased disease resistance, and increased abiotic stress tolerance.

New Insect and Mite Pests of Conifers

The Oregon State University affiliated author discusses several pests of conifers and possible controls. The pests addressed include an eriophyid mite ("leaf vagrant" type), coneworms (Dioryctria), and a spider mite (Eotetranychus libocedri).

Fuchsia Gall Mite Management

Greenhouse Crops
A management guide for the fuchsia gall mite (Aculops fuchsiae Keifer) which, causes twisting and distortion of the leaves along with reddening and swelling of tissues. Information is provided on fuchsia gall mite lifecycle, fuchsia cultivars, and control.

Perennial Weed Control in Nurseries

The author discusses the importance of noxious weed control in nursery crops along with chemical control methods. Specific noxious weeds identified in nurseries include yellow nutsedge, quackgrass, Canada thistle, field bindweed, horsetail rush, blackberries, and dandelion.

Chemical Eradication of Golden Bamboo, Phyllostachys aurea

An experiment conducted in affiliation with the University of California on the chemical eradication of golden bamboo (Phyllostachys aurea). The experiment report includes a brief discussion on materials and methods, results, and conclusions.

The Brown Garden Snail

A discussion about the brown garden snail, Helix aspersa, common in England, western Europe, California, and now Oregon. The Oregon State University affiliated author offers physical descriptions, a brief history, life cycle, and habits of Helix aspersa.

Hearing date set for possible expansion of the Sudden Oak Death (SOD) quarantine area in Southern Oregon.

A hearing is scheduled to discuss proposed changes to the quarantine area and allow use of an oak from disease free area.

European Crane Fly

Washington State University affiliated entomologist discusses the European crane fly (Tipula paludosa) and it's impact in the Pacific Northwest. Topics addressed include it's introduction into North America, lifecycle, biological and environmental controls, and chemical controls.