Spreading a Green Message

Christmas Tree
A report on a current marketing outreach campaign which partners Christmas tree growers in Oregon and Washington with Oregon State University extension agents to promote real Christmas trees in major consumer markets.

Safe Procurement and Production Manual

Nursery crops

A systems approach for the production of healthy nursery stock. The manual, published by the Oregon Association of Nurseries, is divided into 3 main parts. A systems approach introduction, voluntary best practices for your nursery, and the next step: systems approach certification.

Pesticide Certification Classes Offered for Spring 2013

Chemeketa Community College is offering industry classes including pesticide certification this Spring.

Becoming Your Own Prophet of Profit

Nursery Crops

Oregon State University affiliated authors discuss production costs and product pricing which has a great impact on the profitability of a nursery business. Specific topics addressed include identifying plant costs and preparing for the future.

Managing Your Market Response

Nursery Crops
A brief report for nurseries which offers ideas on how to overcome some of the recent challenges in the nursery industry. To facilitate that effort, Oregon State University tracked nursery sales and pricing in order to offer a fresh look at what drives sales and how the industry can respond to recent changes.

Production of Daphne X burkwoodii `Carol Mackie'

Nursery Crops
A discussion about Daphne X burkwoodii `Carol Mackie' for wider landscape use. Topics of discussion include plant origins, propagation experiments, effects of propagation date on rooting, effects of fertilizers on branching, and growing trials.

Think Spring, Gardening, and Bedding Plants

Greenhouse Crops
A brief discussion about the popularity of bedding plants from a marketing perspective and which ones are the best sellers. The Pennsylvania State University affiliated author provides a table listing the best selling bedding plants and a USDA floriculture crops summary table.

Plant Cost Accounting: A Personal Computer Program to Calculate Crop Production Costs and Price Per Plant

A discussion about the computer program, Plant Cost Accounting, intended for use by greenhouse and nursery business or growers. The computer program allows the user to accurately calculate the costs involved in plant production and price the plants accordingly.

Supply & Demand Information - "The Most Popular Shade and Flowering Trees"

Nursery Crops
Survey of the most popular shade and flowering trees taken by the National Landscape Association (NLA) over a 26-year period. The NLA surveyed members from the Northeast, Southeast, Great Lakes, and Great Plains and based their tree selections on hardiness, maintenance, and aesthetics.

Overview of Commercial Production of Cut English Holly (Ilex aquifolium) in the Pacific Northwest

Oregon State University affiliated author offers an overview of commercial production of cut English holly in the Pacific Northwest. Topics include production statistics, marketing, culture, insect and pathogen problems, berry production, and post-harvest care.