Weed Control in Nursery Field Production


Information and strategies for field growers on how to reduce weeds in their crops. Topics discussed include, field preparation, sanitation, cultural practices and proper herbicide selection and use.

Phytophthora ramorum:A Guide for Oregon Nurseries


Very informative and useful publication for nursery management and workers. Discusses the history of Phytophthora ramorum in Oregon and its biology, hosts and symptoms. In depth information on the management and prevention of the pathogen.

Root Weevils in Review

An update on an ODA funded research project studying the effectiveness of several insecticides on adult root weevils. The study looks at containerized and field grown plants. The life cycles of three species of root weevil are discussed, the Strawberry, Obscure and Black Vine root weevil.

Investigation of Peach Tree Borer Mating Disruption in Oregon Nurseries

Final Report to the Agricultural Research Foundation For the Oregon Association of Nurseries and the Nursery Research & Regulatory Committee. Report focuses on the efficacy of mating disruption for peach tree borer, Synanthedon exitiosa, in Prunus shade tree production and laurel production.

Root Weevils on Ornamentals

A close look at three species of root weevils commonly found in the Pacific Northwest, the strawberry root weevil, black vine root weevil and the obscure root weevil. Discussion of their life cycles, common ornamental host plants and pest management strategies.