Botrytis Develops Resistance to Fungicide Used in Bulb Crops

Plant Disease
Study conducted in response to reports from growers of bulb crops indicated a loss of Botrytis control with the fungicides Benlate and Chipco-26019 in both greenhouse and field-grown situations. The authors discuss the results, fungicide resistance and how to avoid fungicide resistance.

Fuchsia Gall Mite Management

Greenhouse Crops
A management guide for the fuchsia gall mite (Aculops fuchsiae Keifer) which, causes twisting and distortion of the leaves along with reddening and swelling of tissues. Information is provided on fuchsia gall mite lifecycle, fuchsia cultivars, and control.

Biological Control of Insects With Insect-Pathogenic Nematodes - A Brief Status Report

Increased interest in using biological control of insects by nurseries prompted the author to provide the brief report on using pathogenic nematodes for insect control. Topics discussed include nematode species, nematode lifecycle, host insects, and other factors.

Rhododendron Leaf Spot and Stem Dieback Caused by Phytophthora syringae

Plant Disease
Research conducted by Dr. R. G. Linderman on rhododendron leaf spot and stem die back determined both to be caused by Phytophthora syringae. Details about the effects and lifecycle of the fungus and possible control methods are provided.

Effects of Raised and Ground-Level Beds and Pine Bark on Survival of Azalea and Population Dynamics of Phytophthora innamomi.

Nursery Crops
North Carolina State University affiliated authors conducted a study to investigate the effects of planting azalea in raised and ground-level beds and pine bark. The study examined the survival rate of the plants and the population levels of Phytophthora innamomi.

Perennial Weed Control in Nurseries

The author discusses the importance of noxious weed control in nursery crops along with chemical control methods. Specific noxious weeds identified in nurseries include yellow nutsedge, quackgrass, Canada thistle, field bindweed, horsetail rush, blackberries, and dandelion.

Chemical Eradication of Golden Bamboo, Phyllostachys aurea

An experiment conducted in affiliation with the University of California on the chemical eradication of golden bamboo (Phyllostachys aurea). The experiment report includes a brief discussion on materials and methods, results, and conclusions.

Atrazine - Herbicide Degradation, Carry Over, and Buildup

Oregon State University extension agent specializing in horticultural weeds discusses the herbicide atrazine. Specific topics addressed by the author include; herbicide degradation, carry over, buildup, and management of herbicide residues in horticultural crops.

Eriophyid Mites on Pine

Christmas Tree
An informative discussion regarding eriophyid mites and their effect on Scotch, Australian, red, and white pines. Symptoms of eriophyid mite injury on pines, biology and control methods, and monitoring are the topics the author focuses on.

Chinch Bugs in Lawns and Turf

A brief report on the observed increase in chinch bug (Blissus sp) damage to turf and lawns in western Oregon. The Oregon State University affiliated author covers the following topics; identifying damage, physical description, and control methods.