Gladiolus-Postharvest Handling of Gladiolus Corms

Post Harvest
Guide for the prevention and control of Stromatinia, Curvularia, Botrytis, Fusarium corm rot, thrips, nematodes, bulb mites and aster yellows mycoplasm. Information provided on how to cure and store gladiolus corms, dormancy, and Rhizoctonia solani.

Forcing Rhododendrons as Pot Plants - A Progress Report

Nursery Crops
The results of experiments conducted by Agriculture Canada Saanichton Research and Plant Quarantine Station to determine procedures for forcing container grown rhododendrons. The authors discuss the details of the experiments along with the different rhododendron cultivars used.

Overview of Commercial Production of Cut English Holly (Ilex aquifolium) in the Pacific Northwest

Oregon State University affiliated author offers an overview of commercial production of cut English holly in the Pacific Northwest. Topics include production statistics, marketing, culture, insect and pathogen problems, berry production, and post-harvest care.

Production Procedures for Syringa Meyeri'Palabin' Lilac - A duel Purpose, Container Grown, Flowering Plant

Greenhouse Crops
Report on a production study of the lilac cultivar, Syringa meyeri 'Palabin', for it's duel use for cut flowers and landscape plantings. Specific information is offered regarding successful propagation techniques for soft wood cuttings and production schedules.

Lilac...Year-Round Cut Flower? Duel Purpose Plant?

Greenhouse Crops
A guide for the production of lilacs for the duel purposes of cut-flower production and landscape plantings. The history of the lilac as a forced, cut flower is summarized along with descriptions of species and cultivars, growth and development, forcing and flowering, and propagation methods.

Rate of Nitrogen Application During the Growing Season and Spraying Plants with Urea in the Autumn Alters Uptake of Other Nutrients by Deciduous and Evergreen Container-grown Rhododendron Cultivars

Nursery Crops
Research was conducted on one-year-old container grown Rhododendron L. (Rhododen- dron ‘H-1 P.J.M’) and azalea (Rhododendron ‘Cannon’s Double’) to determine the influence of fall sprays of urea on the uptake of nutrients other than nitrogen (N).

Rate of Nitrogen Fertigation During Vegetative Growth and Spray Applications of Urea in the Fall Alters Growth and Flowering of Florists’ Hydrangeas

Nursery Crops
A study was conducted involving Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Merritt’s Supreme’ to determine whether nitrogen (N) fertigation rates applied during vegetative growth and spray applications of urea in the fall influences plant growth and flowering during forcing.

The “ Best” Seed Sources for Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree
Information provided on Christmas tree seed sources and a review of research and collections in Turkey by Oregon State University affiliated researcher, Chal Landgren.

Minute Nursery Trees, a Break-Though for the Tropics?

A method for producing 'mini-trees' for commercial production in the nursery environment. The author discusses how the 'mini-trees' are produced, packing and transport, second-stage nursery and field establishment, the scope for mini-trees in the tropics, and a project proposal.

Commodity Commissions

A thorough and informative discussion about commodity commissions in Oregon. The author addresses what commodity commissions are, how and why commissions form, general information on how they operate, and advantages and disadvantages of commodity commissions.