Phenyl-IBA as a Root-Inducing Agent for the Propagation of Cuttings

Research was conducted on the effectiveness of using P-IBA as a rooting-inducing agent for the propagation of cuttings. Cuttings of two rhododendron cultivars, 'Ramapo' and 'Roseum elegans' were used in the experiments, the methods and results are discussed.

Computer Modeling and Simulation of Plant Development

The Oregon State University affiliated author discusses the use of computer modeling and simulation of plant development. The discussion includes various different ways growers could use the technology to improve multiple aspects of their operation.

Grafted Tree Survival Increased, Grafting Season Extended by Inexpensive Hot-Callusing Device

Studies were conducted to test the effectiveness of using a hot-callusing device when grafting a variety of different trees. The authors discuss the results of the hot-callusing method and it's effects on apple, peach, pear, prune, and Douglas-fir trees.

Every Christmas Tree a '10'

Christmas tree
The idea of using clones in the Christmas tree industry is debated by the Oregon State University affiliated author. The use of clones could lead to more uniform sellable trees but could also lead to a lack of genetic diversity in the Christmas tree industry.

'Autumn Blaze' - New Callery Pear Introduction from Oregon State University

Breeding and Selection
Callery pear (Pyrus calleryana) cultivars are the subject discussed after the introduction of a new cultivar, 'Autumn Blaze', to the nursery industry. The characteristics of 'Autumn Blaze' are addressed along with information regarding other Pyrus calleryana cultivars.

Branching of Photinia X Fraseri in Response to Atrinal and Other Growth Regulators

The use of growth regulators in the greenhouse or nursery to chemically prune plants was studied, specifically Atrinal applied to Photinia x fraseri, in an effort to determine the effect on branching habit and height of the plant. The methods and results are discussed.

Bulbous Iris Forcing -- Fertilizer Requirements

An informative discussion about Bulbous iris forcing based on information involving fertilizer requirements from previously conducted studies. The author focuses on the following topics; nitrogen deficiency, calcium deficiency, and boron deficiency.

Germination Requirements for Acer Macrophyllum, Bigleaf Maple

As the use of native plants in landscaping became more popular, the authors recognized the need for more information on the collection, handling, and cultural requirements the plants. The discussion focuses on the information collected regarding the Bigleaf Maple.

Physical Properties of Container Media

A study of container media was established to determine and compare the water retention and aeration properties of the various mixes used. The following materials were combined into different mixes; peat, coarse sand, bark, fine sand, and sawdust.

Follow Up on Mugo-Pine Cultivars Released by OSU in 1976

Breeding and Selection
A brief description of each of the six dwarf mugo-pines, Pinus mugo mughus, released to licensed nurserymen after years of research and cultivar selection. The author was looking for responses to a series of questions he had regarding the six mugo-pine cultivars.