Clonal Pear Rootstocks Introduced

In 1960 a project was started to identify pear rootstocks resistant to pear decline, a virus that negatively impacted Oregon's pear orchards. Several viable clonal rootstocks were found and are discussed in regards to hardiness and resistance to other pear issues.

Compatibility of Pear on Hawthorn, Mt. Ash Tested

An Oregon State University affiliated study was conducted on pears to determine the compatibility of pear on hawthorn (Crataegus oxyacantha) and mountain ash (Sorbus aucuparia). The study used several different scions and was designed to find new dwarfing pear stocks.

Clonal Propagation of Plums, Cherries Studied

Clonal propagation of plums and cherries was studied in an attempt to determine a standardized method for propagating plum and cherry trees. The recommendations made were supported by research done in Oregon and elsewhere on clonal propagation.

Selecting Rose Rootstocks by Performance

Variety trials were conducted on rose rootstocks in several different states. The authors had specific conditions the rose cultivars needed to meet in order to be considered viable rootstock. The results of the trials are discussed and also presented in tables.

Quince Rootstock Used for Dwarf Pears

An eight year long study was conducted on Quince rootstocks at the Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station. The researchers were looking at varietal compatibility, growth control, effect of interstocks, and resistance to decline.

Superior Bartlett Pear Found, Called OP-9

Breeding and Selection
Comparisons between Bartlett pear OP-9, OP-3, and various other Bartlett selections are made by the author after studies were conducted on the pear selections. OP-9 came from Mt. Adams Orchard in White Salmon, WA and the budded seedlings were given to three Oregon nurserymen for performance studies.

How to Propagate Old Home Pear Rootstocks

Due to widespread interest in Old Home as a pear rootstock, studies were conducted to test its disease resistance and to establish effective propagation methods. The Oregon State University affiliated author discusses the results of the study and provides propagation recommendations.

Old Home Recommended Pear Rootstock

Pear fire blight and pear decline are discussed in relation to rootstocks, trunk-stocks, scions, fruit production, fruit quality. The author offers insight into studies conducted on pear trees in Oregon and Washington.

Flowering Crabs Unpredictable on Malling Stocks

Nursery Crops
Two separate variety trials were conducted on growing flowering crab apples on Malling rootstocks. The studies were conducted by Massachusetts State College and Oregon State College based on interest in size-control for landscaping plantings.

Rose Rootstock Important in Nursery and Garden

Nursery Crops
Rose rootstock and scions were researched in this Oregon State University affiliated study. The tests were conducted to determine the importance of rootstock in the nursery and garden.