Improvements Made in Cherry Rootstock

Cherry tree rootstocks were studied in various sections of the United States. The Oregon State University affiliated study worked to determine what each rootstock had to offer in terms of growth, cherry productivity, and longevity.

New Rootstocks Reduce Blackline Danger

Several varieties of walnut rootstocks were tested in a study to find suitable rootstock with the hope of preventing blackline disease. The author provides background information about blackline disease in Oregon and it's impact on growers.

Tree Peonies Rooted From Leaf-Bud Cuttings

The study was carried out by the author based on a French method of propagating tree peonies using leaf-bud cuttings. Propagation of tree peonies had previously been done generally by grafting as propagation by cutting was considered very difficult to impossible.

Root Anchorage Improved With Malling XVI Stock

The topic of root anchorage and/or breakage in very dwarf apple trees is briefly discussed in regard to rootstocks and scions.

Increase Stock Material With Hardwood Cuttings

A new method for propagation of hardwood cuttings of dwarf apple rootstock is discussed by the author.

Antibiotics Can Reduce Cherry Stock Crown Gall

The results of a study conducted on using antibiotics to reduce cherry crown gall are discussed by the author. Several different antibiotics and methods of application are tested in the experiments cited in the article.

Selected Multiflora Good Stock

Plant breeding
Research studying the effectiveness of several different Rosa multiflora rootstock and scions specific to Oregon and other northern growers of roses are discussed by this author.

English Rootstocks on Market

Plant breeding
Several English apple rootstock were studied in variety trails and are discussed in regard to differences in production, tree size, and resistance to specific pests.

Crown Gall Slows Cherry Tree Growth

The effects of Cherry Crown Gall on cherry tree productivity in comparison to disease free cherry tree productivity are researched in this 1952 study. The results of the study indicate trees planted with galls on roots showed reduced vigor and infection with new galls.

Christmas Tree Economics: Establishing and Producing Douglas-Fir Christmas Trees in Western Oregon

Christmas tree
A helpful publication for anyone considering growing Douglas-fir Christmas trees or for current growers. Covers cost of production and provides necessary tools for financial management and decision making.