Germination Requirements for Acer Macrophyllum, Bigleaf Maple

As the use of native plants in landscaping became more popular, the authors recognized the need for more information on the collection, handling, and cultural requirements the plants. The discussion focuses on the information collected regarding the Bigleaf Maple.

Symptoms and Control of Botrytis on Statice

Plant Disease
Botrytis blight, a plant disease caused by Botrytis cinerea Pers. ex Fr., on statice (Limonium sinuatum Mill,) was studied by the University of Florida. The following topics are discussed; symptoms, seeds, field planting, and cultural and chemical control.

Differential Feeding on Rhododendron by Adult Root Weevils

Field studies were conducted to determine if adult root weevils feed on certain cultivars of rhododendron more than other cultivars. The author discusses the methods and results of the studies, including the difference in resistance of the cultivars used.

Transmission and Control of Plant Diseases in Propagules

Plant propagation
A discussion about propagation and the transmission and control of plant diseases. The topics addressed in relation to propagation and plant disease include; significance of propagule transmission, control procedures, bulbs and corms, and seeds.

Special: Plant Injury Caused by Sawdust and Barks

The use of sawdusts and barks in media mixes and mulches is addressed by the Oregon State University affiliated author. The results of tests conducted to test the phytotoxic effects of two species of fresh bark are discussed along with recommendations.

Pre and Post Emergence Poa Annua Control Program

Research was conducted in an experimental program on control of Poa annua in Kentucky bluegrass lawn turf and Bentgrass putting turf. Successful control methods were established and are discussed, along with other factors to take into consideration when implementing a control strategy.

Bacterial Disease of Red Maples

Plant Disease
A report on the discovery of a bacterial leaf-spot, a species of Pseudomonas, on cuttings of two different Red maple varieties, 'October Glory' and 'Red Sunset'. The author discusses symptoms of the disease and possible control measures.

Six Dwarf Mugo-Pine Cultivars Released

Breeding and Selection
After years of research conducted on Mugo or Swiss Mountain pine, a popular dwarfing shrub used in landscaping, six cultivars were selected to be released to the nursery trade. The selected cultivars were; OSU 67-2, 'Oregon Jade', OSU 67-5, 'Alpenglow', OSU 67-9, 'Elfengren', 67-15, 'Oregon Pixie', OSU 67-20, 'Tyrol', and OSU 69-2, 'Green Candle'.

Simazine Injury on Maple and Other Shade Trees

Plant disorders
Veinal chlorosis in the leaf tips of maple and other shade trees was a persistent problem although it was notice some of the trees out grew the symptoms. Several Acer saccharinum cultivars were used in experiments testing the tolerance of the trees to the herbicide.

Rootstocks for Pear: Variability in Calleryana

The authors discuss the popular use of Pyrus calleryana as a pear rootstock. Pyrus calleryana did just as well if not better than Bartlett and Winter Nellis in Oregon State University studies. Included in the discussion are the issues growers were having with the rootstock and several possible solutions.