Container Soils are Different

Container Media
A discussion of the differences between container media and ground bed media in regard to water availability for plant growth. Also addressed is "the container effect", differences in soil texture, the importance of the appropriate amount of aeration, and the affects of aeration on plant growth.

Dothiorella Canker of Crab Apple

Nursery Crops
A report of the author's observations concerning Dothiorella canker of crab apples, Botryosphaeria ribis. Symptoms of the fungus are discussed along with other plants the fungus was noticed to be affecting, control methods for the disease are also addressed.

Bacterial Speck, a Leaf Spot on Tomato Can be a Serious Problem of Tomato Seedlings

Plant Disease
Tomato seedlings grown in greenhouses and garden centers were observed to be affected by bacterial speck , a leaf spot that could lead to defoliation and unsellable plants. The disease is caused by Pseudomonas tomato and was thought be carried on the seeds.

Barnyardgrass and Redroot Pigweed Control

Control of barnyardgrass (Echinochloa crus-galli) and redroot pigweed (Amaranthus retroflexus) was a growing problem in the nursery environment. Research was conducted to determine an effective control for both of the weeds, the results of the experiments are discussed by the author.

Horticultural Crops Research Needed for the 1970's

Nursery Crops
Based on a previous article calling for research in the ornamental crops industry in Oregon, the authors elaborate on what ornamental and horticultural areas need more research. Specific crops are listed along with the most pertinent areas for each crop needing more research.

Mugo Pine Selection and Propagation Studied

Breeding and Selection
Mugo pine, also called Swiss Mountain pine, was studied growing naturally and in gardens and arboretums in Europe by the Oregon State University affiliated authors. They share their findings and observations concerning Mugo pine selection and propagation.

Virus-Free Rose Clones Under Test

Nursery Crops
Development of virus free rose cultivars took place at the Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station in cooperation with California Agricultural Experiment Station and California Department of Agriculture. Information provided on how viruses are spread in roses and details of the study.

Propagation of Mugo Pine Successful

The standard method for propagation of Mugo pine (Pinus mugo) at the time the article was written was by seed. The challenges involved in propagating by seed were thought to be overcome by using summer softwood cuttings. Recommendations are made based on the rooting studies carried out by the authors.

"Sour" Sawdust Mulch May Damage Ornamentals

The use of sawdust mulch is discussed in relation to the horticulture industry and it's use of "sour" sawdust mulch as it was done at the time the article was written. The Oregon State University affiliated authors briefly discuss the effects the "sour" mulch had on ornamental plants.

Relative Growth Rate of Several Deciduous Trees

Nursery Crops
Several deciduous shade trees were studied at North Willamette Experiment Station, Oregon in an effort to determine tree growth rates, tolerance to growth regulators, nematicides, and herbicides.