Four Bactericides Tested for Crown Gall Growth

Crown gall and its effects on stone fruits are discussed along with possible control measures. The author bases the recommendations on studies conducted on Mazzard cherry seedlings using various treatments.

Superior Bartlett Pear Found, Called OP-9

Breeding and Selection
Comparisons between Bartlett pear OP-9, OP-3, and various other Bartlett selections are made by the author after studies were conducted on the pear selections. OP-9 came from Mt. Adams Orchard in White Salmon, WA and the budded seedlings were given to three Oregon nurserymen for performance studies.

Old Home Recommended Pear Rootstock

Pear fire blight and pear decline are discussed in relation to rootstocks, trunk-stocks, scions, fruit production, fruit quality. The author offers insight into studies conducted on pear trees in Oregon and Washington.

Semesan Bel Helps Control Crown Gall, Black Mold in Mazzard Cherry Seedlings

Nursery Crops
Oregon State University affiliated research on control of crown gall and black mold on Mazzard cherry seedlings is discussed the the author.

Improvements Made in Cherry Rootstock

Cherry tree rootstocks were studied in various sections of the United States. The Oregon State University affiliated study worked to determine what each rootstock had to offer in terms of growth, cherry productivity, and longevity.

New Rootstocks Reduce Blackline Danger

Several varieties of walnut rootstocks were tested in a study to find suitable rootstock with the hope of preventing blackline disease. The author provides background information about blackline disease in Oregon and it's impact on growers.

Nursery Buying Habits Surveyed

The results of a 1958 marketing survey to determine the nursery buying habits of homeowners in the Portland, OR area. The survey included questions about the influence of home value, age, length of residence, and family income on buying habits.

Tree Peonies Rooted From Leaf-Bud Cuttings

The study was carried out by the author based on a French method of propagating tree peonies using leaf-bud cuttings. Propagation of tree peonies had previously been done generally by grafting as propagation by cutting was considered very difficult to impossible.

Nursery Crops Lead to Specialty Sales

Nursery Crops
Survey of horticultural crop growers 1955 which included nurseries, florist crops, bulbs, rhizomes, corms, and holly. The author also looked at leading counties in specialty crop production in Oregon.

Weed Control In 1-0 Conifers Seedbeds With Sethoxydim (Poast) Spot Treatments.

A brief summary of a research project which evaluates the herbicide Sethoxydim (Poast) for grass weed control and phytotoxicity in conifer seedling beds. Three conifer species, Abies procera (noble fir), Pinus sylvestri s (Scotch pine), and Psuedotsuga menziesii (Douglas-fir) were used.