Physical Properties of Container Media

A study of container media was established to determine and compare the water retention and aeration properties of the various mixes used. The following materials were combined into different mixes; peat, coarse sand, bark, fine sand, and sawdust.

Forcing Programs for Easter Lilies

The components of bulb maturity and forcing programs for Easter lilies are discussed based on information from previously conducted studies. The topics addressed are; bulb size, bulb dormancy, leaf count, and responsiveness to flower-inducing cold treatment.

Osmocote & Minor Element Formulations & Rates for Growing Nursery Stock in Containers

Fertilizer trials involving Osmocote and minor element formulations were conducted in 1979 in British Columbia to determine appropriate formulation, the rates to be used, and how long the formulations lasted in their sawdust:peat mixes.

Pear Rootstocks - General Characteristics, Principle Limitations

A table put together by Robert Stebbins, an extension tree fruit and nut specialist in affiliation with Oregon State University. The table provides information on a variety of pear rootstocks, the general characteristics of the rootstock and limitations of the rootstock.

Symptoms and Control of Botrytis on Statice

Plant Disease
Botrytis blight, a plant disease caused by Botrytis cinerea Pers. ex Fr., on statice (Limonium sinuatum Mill,) was studied by the University of Florida. The following topics are discussed; symptoms, seeds, field planting, and cultural and chemical control.

Fertility and its Relationship to Turfgrass Diseases

The importance of the relationship between fertility, turfgrass, and turfgrass diseases is discussed. The author focuses on turfgrass diseases common to the Pacific Northwest and offers recommendations for fertilizer practices to help combat the diseases.

Research Update on Crown Gall and Hairy Root Disease in the Northwest

Plant Disease
Progress report on research conducted on crown gall and hairy root disease in the northwest. Noninfectious hairy root on apples, the effect of crown gall on boysenberry production, and biological control of crown gall on fruit and shade trees are discussed.

Transmission and Control of Plant Diseases in Propagules

Plant propagation
A discussion about propagation and the transmission and control of plant diseases. The topics addressed in relation to propagation and plant disease include; significance of propagule transmission, control procedures, bulbs and corms, and seeds.

Narcissus Smolder in British Columbia

A discussion involving Narcissus Smolder (Botryotinia narcissicola) in the Pacific Northwest focused mainly on British Columbia. The author describes the disease, discusses the impact it had on the Narcissus industry in British Columbia and addresses control strategies.

Insects Have Defoliated My Tree - Now What's Going to Happen?

The USDA affiliated author addresses the issue of tree defoliation and re-foliation. Information is provided on the following topics regarding defoliation; the factors that influence tree defoliation, the effects of defoliation, and tree care.