Two Cups of This - Five Cups of That and a Pinch of the Black Stuff

The Oregon State University affiliated authors discuss fertilizers for container grown plants and the different factors to take into account when making or buying a fertilizer mix. The North Willamette container mix and suggestions for use are included.

Growth Media for Bulbous Iris Forcing

Research was conducted on bulbous Iris forcing at the Puyallup satellite of the USDA - SEA Ornamental Plants Research Laboratory. The focus of the research was growth media and fertilizer treatments in an effort to establish more efficient pretreatment schedules.

Special: Dogwood Diseases

Plant Disease
A discussion of dogwood (Cornus florida L.) diseases and their impact on the growth of the shade tree which could have an effect on the market value of the tree. Diseases discussed include; foliar diseases, viruses, twig blights, root rots, cankers, and a few other important diseases.

Treatments to Change the Chemical Quality of Water

Two of the most commonly used treatments to change the salt content of water are explained and related to plant growth by the Oregon State University affiliated author. The two treatments, "ion exchange" and "deionization" are individually discussed.

Bark and Sawdust - Mulches in Maintenance Planning

Soil media
Using mulches in landscaping and gardening environments is the topic discussed by the author. Specific areas addressed are; types of mulch, effect of mulch on microclimate, effect of mulch on soil conditions, and problems in mulch selection.

Avoiding Pesticide Phytotoxicity

Plant disorders
The University of Florida affiliated author addresses how to avoid pesticide phytotoxicity in ornamental plants. The five most common types of phytotoxicity identified are; burn, necrosis, chlorosis, leaf distortion, and stunting or abnormal growth.

Is Your Mix Difficult to Wet?

Greenhouse and nursery container media along with the idea of using a wetting agent are discussed by the Cornell University affiliated authors. Research was conducted at the university testing approximately 150 wetting agents, methods and rates of application are addressed.

Concepts in Pest Management

The Oregon State University affiliated author addresses concepts in pest management regarding weeds, disease, and insects. The need for integrated pest management control measures and how an integrated program can be implemented are included in the discussion.

New Resource -- Conserving Pot Facilitates Easy Plant Care!

Technological advances in container design are discussed by the Oregon State University affiliated author. A comparison of the standard pot design and a new pot design in relation to plant growth, container media, and function.

Back to Basics: The Optimum Root Environment

Oregon State University affiliated Drs. Jim Green and David Adams discuss the importance of using an integrated system to provide the best root environment possible. The authors focus on the integration of media, irrigation, and fertilization, specially how the three components effect plant growth.