Options for Energy Conservation for Greenhouse Growers

Greenhouse Crops
Topic of discussion is energy conservation in greenhouse crop production. Five specific categories to address in energy conservation for greenhouse growers include management, maintenance, mechanization, masonry, modification, and memory. The author elaborates on subcategories for each of the five categories.

Chemical Growth Regulators

Report on chemical growth regulators for use in greenhouse and nursery crop production. Studies were conducted to determined the effectiveness of the growth regulators on the following crops; zonal geraniums, hibiscus, hydrangea, kalanchoe, weeping fig, several trees species, poinsettias, Easter lilies, and freesia.

The Future for Innovative Marketing Techniques is Today

Computerized marketing allowed for increased interaction between growers and potential buyers and was the subject of discussion for the OSU affiliated author. An overview of the benefits of electronic marketing, along with its history, development risks and costs, and implementation.

Electrical Conductivity and How to Use Your Salt Meter

Electrical conductivity or 'salts' in soils and media are addressed by the author in terms of what a salt meter does, what electrical conductivity means, and how the information can help the grower. Several methods used to do electrical conductivity readings are included.

Computer Assistance With Diagnostic and/or Analytical Problems

A discussion about the use of computers in the agriculture industry to assist with researching diagnostic and and analytical problems. Also addressed are the benefits and concerns about the instant accessibility of pertinent information and what is available online.

Bibliographic Information on Command When You Want it! Or, You Don't Have to go to the Library Anymore!

The Oregon State University affiliated author addresses the change in accessing available information due to the use of computers in greenhouse and nursery industries. Specific topics discussed include; databases, online services, and telecommunications.

Computer Auction Network for the Wholesale Nursery-Greenhouse Industry

Greenhouse Crops
A discussion about the wholesale nursery-greenhouse industry and the idea of using a computer auction network to increase plant transportation efficiency. The author addresses the process involved, "plant locator", "central computer", and other industries using a similar system.

Electronic Marketing Via a Computer Auction Network

Computers were making their way into the nursery environment for everyday use and improved efficiency. Electronic marketing using a computer auction network, how it worked, the benefits involved, and other markets that were using electronic marketing are addressed by the author.

One of Our Under-Utilized Insecticides - Horticultural Spray Oils

A discussion about the use of horticultural sprays and their effectiveness in controlling a wide variety of pests. The Oregon State University affiliated authors include the specifications for superior oils and the traditional caution statements.

Phenyl-IBA as a Root-Inducing Agent for the Propagation of Cuttings

Research was conducted on the effectiveness of using P-IBA as a rooting-inducing agent for the propagation of cuttings. Cuttings of two rhododendron cultivars, 'Ramapo' and 'Roseum elegans' were used in the experiments, the methods and results are discussed.