Clematis Varieties-Period of Bloom

Plant Breeding
Clematis grown at Lewis-Brown Farm in Corvallis, Oregon was observed over a ten year period. The author includes a table showing bloom periods for each variety tested in the study.

Rose Rootstock Important in Nursery and Garden

Nursery Crops
Rose rootstock and scions were researched in this Oregon State University affiliated study. The tests were conducted to determine the importance of rootstock in the nursery and garden.

Boron Stimulates Rooting of Hybrid Clematis

Greenhouse Crops
Rooting of large-flowered hybrid clematis cuttings was the subject of research in the two studies discussed by the Oregon State University affiliated author. The studies tested four rooting treatments on different varieties of clematis with varying results.

Improvements Made in Cherry Rootstock

Cherry tree rootstocks were studied in various sections of the United States. The Oregon State University affiliated study worked to determine what each rootstock had to offer in terms of growth, cherry productivity, and longevity.

New Rootstocks Reduce Blackline Danger

Several varieties of walnut rootstocks were tested in a study to find suitable rootstock with the hope of preventing blackline disease. The author provides background information about blackline disease in Oregon and it's impact on growers.

Propagation by Cuttage Appears Practical for Deciduous Azaleas

Azalea cuttings from fourteen different varieties and four species were submitted to various treatments to evaluate the most effective method for getting the azalea cuttings to root.

Tree Peonies Rooted From Leaf-Bud Cuttings

The study was carried out by the author based on a French method of propagating tree peonies using leaf-bud cuttings. Propagation of tree peonies had previously been done generally by grafting as propagation by cutting was considered very difficult to impossible.

Temperature, Light Affect Mottled-Leaf in Azaleas

Plant disorders
Symptoms of mottled-leaf in azaleas and the effects temperature and light have on the symptoms are discussed by the Oregon State University affiliated authors.

Control for Azalea Leaf Diseases

Azalea leaf gall disease and leaf spot disease were studied in an effort to find an effective control for the problematic diseases. Different varieties of azaleas were tested by spraying the plants with several different fungicides.

Selected Multiflora Good Stock

Plant breeding
Research studying the effectiveness of several different Rosa multiflora rootstock and scions specific to Oregon and other northern growers of roses are discussed by this author.