Forcing Programs for Easter Lilies

The components of bulb maturity and forcing programs for Easter lilies are discussed based on information from previously conducted studies. The topics addressed are; bulb size, bulb dormancy, leaf count, and responsiveness to flower-inducing cold treatment.

Osmocote & Minor Element Formulations & Rates for Growing Nursery Stock in Containers

Fertilizer trials involving Osmocote and minor element formulations were conducted in 1979 in British Columbia to determine appropriate formulation, the rates to be used, and how long the formulations lasted in their sawdust:peat mixes.

Pear Rootstocks - General Characteristics, Principle Limitations

A table put together by Robert Stebbins, an extension tree fruit and nut specialist in affiliation with Oregon State University. The table provides information on a variety of pear rootstocks, the general characteristics of the rootstock and limitations of the rootstock.

Rooting of Ilex Not Increased in Osmocote Amended Propagation Medium

Oklahoma State University reported having had higher rooting percentages with Osmocote amended media than without in holly rooting trials. A holly rooting trial was then initiated by R.L. Ticknor in affiliation with Oregon State University, the results are discussed.

The Basis of Obscure Root Weevil Resistance in Rhododendron--Some Thoughts on the Reasons for Investigating the Resistance of Plants to Insects

Studies were conducted to test the resistance of rhododendron species to foliar feeding by the obscure root weevil. The author discusses the results of the rhododendron study and addresses the importance of studying plants resistance to insects.

Differential Feeding on Rhododendron by Adult Root Weevils

Field studies were conducted to determine if adult root weevils feed on certain cultivars of rhododendron more than other cultivars. The author discusses the methods and results of the studies, including the difference in resistance of the cultivars used.

Foliar Fertilization of Flower Bulb Crops - A Trial and Some Thoughts

Foliar fertilization trials were conducted on tulips, Iris, and Narcissus to determine the effectiveness of a foliar fertilization spray on the bulb yields. The authors discuss their methods, materials used, and the results of the trial.

Anthracnose-One of the Enemies

Plant Disease
The fungal plant disease "Anthracnose", Gloeosporium nervisequum, occurs when the conditions are favorable for fungus growth and a suitable host is available. The author describes the various symptoms of the disease and provides a partial list of susceptible hosts.

Flowering, Container-Grown, Rhododendrons for Valentines Day...Mother's Day

Greenhouse Crops
A tutorial on how to establish a production schedule for container grown rhododendrons for Valentines Day and Mother's Day. The author discusses scheduling and cultural practice, evaluation of 140 cultivars, and first season flowering cultivars.

Calcium and Rhododendron Growth

Rhododendrons samples were collected from different cultivars and nurseries then tested for calcium and magnesium content. The rhododendrons involved in the study were were given ratings based on leaf quality, plant quality, and flower bud formation.