Yew Cultivars Available at OSU in Limited Quantities

Nursery Crops
Yew or Taxus are discussed as one of the more popular trees due to their variety in size, shape, shades of green. A descriptive list of yews, thought to be the best at the time the article was written, is provided.

Magnesium Deficiency in Junipers

Tam and Pfitzer junipers were notice to be experiencing chlorosis and/or necrosis of certain foliage. Samples taken from several different nurseries indicated a possible magnesium deficiency causing the symptoms.

Selecting Rose Rootstocks by Performance

Variety trials were conducted on rose rootstocks in several different states. The authors had specific conditions the rose cultivars needed to meet in order to be considered viable rootstock. The results of the trials are discussed and also presented in tables.

Clonal Propagation of Several Pyrus Species

Following the success of a previous study to propagation Old Home pear (Pyrus communis) cuttings, experiments were conducted on several other Pyrus species. Two different propagations methods were tested on the various Pyrus cuttings.

Relative Growth Rate of Several Deciduous Trees

Nursery Crops
Several deciduous shade trees were studied at North Willamette Experiment Station, Oregon in an effort to determine tree growth rates, tolerance to growth regulators, nematicides, and herbicides.

Quince Rootstock Used for Dwarf Pears

An eight year long study was conducted on Quince rootstocks at the Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station. The researchers were looking at varietal compatibility, growth control, effect of interstocks, and resistance to decline.

Effect of Insecticides on Garden Lily Bulb Yield

Several different varieties of garden lily bulbs and their response to insecticides was the subject of the Oregon State University affiliated study. The author discusses the results of the study and provides tables to illustrate the data collected.

Rooting Compound Tested for Sweet Gum Cuttings

Sweet Gum cuttings were tested for susceptibility to rooting using various rooting compounds in the Oregon State University affiliated study. The author provides a table listing rooting percentages for the selection of cuttings of Sweet Gum tested.

Superior Bartlett Pear Found, Called OP-9

Breeding and Selection
Comparisons between Bartlett pear OP-9, OP-3, and various other Bartlett selections are made by the author after studies were conducted on the pear selections. OP-9 came from Mt. Adams Orchard in White Salmon, WA and the budded seedlings were given to three Oregon nurserymen for performance studies.

Early Disbudding Necessary for Gain Size in Lily Bulbs

Croft Easter Lilies were studied at the Pacific Bulb Growers Research and Development Station in Harbor, OR in an effort to determine the effect of disbudding on lily bulb size.