Flowering Crab Apple Cultivars Evaluated

Breeding and Selection
Research was conducted at Oregon State University affiliated Lewis-Brown Farm in Corvallis, OR on crab apple cultivars to identify which ones possessed desirable traits for ornamental horticulture. Recommendations for which cultivars to grow in the Pacific Northwest along with performance data on blossom and fruiting periods are provided.

How to Propagate Old Home Pear Rootstocks

Due to widespread interest in Old Home as a pear rootstock, studies were conducted to test its disease resistance and to establish effective propagation methods. The Oregon State University affiliated author discusses the results of the study and provides propagation recommendations.

Red Leaf Spotting in Holly May be Boron Deficiency

Greenhouse studies and field surveys were conducted in Oregon in an effort to identify what was causing red leaf spotting in holly production in the Pacific Northwest. The field surveys were conducted in 1960 and 1961 at multiple holly orchards in several different Oregon counties.

Old Home Recommended Pear Rootstock

Pear fire blight and pear decline are discussed in relation to rootstocks, trunk-stocks, scions, fruit production, fruit quality. The author offers insight into studies conducted on pear trees in Oregon and Washington.

Boron Deficiency Diagnosed in OSU Carnations

After observing the yellowing and dying of carnation stem tips in the Portland, OR and Corvallis, OR research was conducted on the William Sim carnation to find out the cause of the growth issues. The results of the study indicated a possible boron deficiency and are discussed by the author.

Continuous Lily Selection Necessary to Maintain Lines

Croft lilies are discussed by the authors in relation to the importance of continuously selecting the best lilies for production as growers were faced with more and more challenges at that time.

Constant Illumination Stimulates Growth on Softwood Azalea Cuttings

Cuttings of several kinds of deciduous azaleas were tested in studies addressing the lack of growth for rooted cuttings in the fall and winter. The study was based on the idea that fall and winter growth could reduce the time needed to produce a marketable plant.

Flowering Crabs Unpredictable on Malling Stocks

Nursery Crops
Two separate variety trials were conducted on growing flowering crab apples on Malling rootstocks. The studies were conducted by Massachusetts State College and Oregon State College based on interest in size-control for landscaping plantings.

Supplemental Light Tested for English Holly Cuttings

Oregon State University affiliated studies were conducted after a report was released about using night interruption with incandescent lighting on holly cuttings. The results from the Oregon study were found to differ from the results of the USDA report released out of Maryland State College.

New Controls Tested With Powdery Mildew

Plant Disease
The effectiveness of various treatments for control of powdery mildew was tested on 360 rose plants. The three varieties of roses used in the study were chosen because of their susceptibility to powdery mildew.