Roundup Tolerant Tall Fescue/Perennial Ryegrass Trial


Previous work reported by Crystal Fricker at Pure Seed Testing Inc. demonstrated that it is possible to develop tall fescues and fine fescues that have relatively good tolerance to low rates of glyphosate. This trial is part of an ongoing effort to evaluate tolerance of tall fescues and other grasses to glyphosate at rates that are effective in controlling annual bluegrass.

2008 Evaluation of Proxy, Primo, & Trimmit Growth Regulators Applied to Providence Creeping Bentgrass Putting Green for Phytotoxicity and Turf Quality

2008 Evaluation of Proxy, Primo, & Trimmit Growth Regulators Applied to  Provide

Final Report, June 29, 2009


The primary objective of this trial was to determine whether repeated applications (2, 3, or 4) of Proxy (ethephon) or Proxy + Primo (trinexpac-ethyl) caused phytotoxicity to ‘Providence’ creeping bentgrass maintained at putting green height. A secondary objective was to evaluate turf quality of putting green turf treated with Proxy, Proxy + Primo, or Trimmit (paclobutrazol) growth regulators.

Materials and Methods

Fertilizing Lawns

Fertilizing Lawns

Explains how to optimize a fertilization program for a home lawn. Discusses how to select and use fertilizers, the roles of various elements (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, pH, calcium, magnesium, and iron) in lawn fertilization, and the value of soil tests for each element. Provides sample calendars of necessary and optimal times for fertilizer applications for western, central, and eastern Oregon.