2010 Evaluation of Fungicides for the Control of Dollar Spot on a Colonial Bentgrass/Annual Bluegrass Fairway


The purpose of this trial was to evaluate the effectiveness of repeated applications of various formulations of chlorothalanil at two rates, Tourney 50, and two fungicide rotations in controlling dollar spot (Sclerotinia homoeocarpa) on a colonial bentgrass (‘Bardot’)/annual bluegrass fairway.

Sustainable Landscape Management

Tom Cook, retired OSU turfgrass professor, has published a new book detailing the construction and maintenance of sustainable landscapes! The book includes topics such as sustainable landscape design, how to develop an ecosystem, issues regarding the use of chemicals, and approaches for modifying existing lancescapes.  The book can be purchased from Amazon: Sustainable Landscape Management: Design, Construction, and Maintainence!

2009-2010 Evaluation of Preventative Fungicide Applications For the Control of Gray Snow Mold on An Annual Bluegrass/Kentucky Bluegrass Fairway


The purpose of this trial was to evaluate a single preventative application of various fungicides for the control of gray snow mold on a golf course fairway.

Materials and Methods

The trial was initiated on October 23rd (after the last mowing) on the 11th fairway of the Meadows Golf Course (4,160 feet elevation) located in the Sun River Resort in Sun River, Oregon, 15 miles south of Bend.