Sustainable Landscape Management

Tom Cook, retired OSU turfgrass professor, has published a new book detailing the construction and maintenance of sustainable landscapes! The book includes topics such as sustainable landscape design, how to develop an ecosystem, issues regarding the use of chemicals, and approaches for modifying existing lancescapes.  The book can be purchased from Amazon: Sustainable Landscape Management: Design, Construction, and Maintainence!

BeaverTurf Community Site

Along with the website, we are also launching a BeaverTurf Community site.  An online community for Turf Professionals, the site is intended to:

  • Connect turf professionals in order to build relationships and increase networking
  • Provide a forum for collaboration, discussion, and knowledge sharing
  • Keep turf professionals up to date with the latest and greatest news, research, and resources

Check it out and sign up here

New Turf Website - the new turfgrass website from Oregon State University - is nearing completion.  We hope you like the new site and the information and resources that it provides. 

Please let us know about any bugs, errors, or other problems that you might encounter, as well as any other feedback you may have.  Thanks and happy surfing!

Ecolawns for the Pacific Northwest

Ecolawns for the Pacific Northwest

What should lawns be? • Do all lawns have to be pure grass? • Do lawns have to be a mono-culture? • Are there good broadleaf weeds? • Are there niches for different kinds of lawns? • Who decides what is appropriate?

*The following is a slideshare presentation.  Click the left or right arrows to navigate through the presentation, or click "full" to view the presentation in full-screen.

Turfgrass Seeding Recommendations for the Pacific Northwest

Explains the basics of germination, purity, seed tags, seeds per pound, blends, mixtures, and overseeding. Provides seeding and overseeding recommendations for putting greens, tees, fairways, sports fields, home lawns, cemeteries, roadsides, and slope stabilization for Idaho, and western and eastern Oregon and Washington. Describes the characteristics and uses of new cultivars of turftype tall fescues and provides average number of seeds per pound for common turfgrasses. Intended for homeowners, seed companies, sales people, and turfgrass managers.