Agronomy: The science of soil management, land cultivation, and crop production.

The Columbia Basin Agricultural Research Center (CBARC) operates at two locations Pendleton and Moro and at off-station locations in the Columbia Basin and in northeast Oregon.  The Center is the key Oregon State University research facility for dryland agronomy in north central and northeast Oregon.  It is therefore the commitment of the Agronomy Program to establish research priorities, and to develop and execute a comprehensive research program leading to more sustainable dryland cropping systems in semiarid eastern Oregon. 

The Agronomy Program is conducting cropping systems research to develop economically and biologically sustainable agricultural practices for cereals, legumes, and new crops. Research work includes, but is not limited to long-term experiments, crop rotations, alternate crops, drought tolerance and disease interactions, seeding date and rates, site-specific farming, and organic farming.  Significant findings will be published in peer-reviewed journals, in other technical and semi-technical publications, and other media appropriate for use by clientele in Oregon. 

In addition, the Agronomy Program is dedicated to its interactions with industry personnel and growers to address local agricultural needs and problems.  Furthermore, the Agronomy Program actively participates in committees, student advising, and other professional activities in the Center, Department of Crop and Soil Science, College of Agriculture, University, appropriate professional societies, and the community.


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