Dr. Curtis Adams

Curtis Adams, Ph.D.
Research Plant Physiologist

USDA Agricultural Research Service

Office: 541‐278‐4412
Cell: 435‐740‐0472
Located at the Pendleton Station

I am originally from Utah and received my Ph.D. in crop physiology from Utah State University. I followed that up with two years of additional training as a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Florida. My first permanent position was as an Assistant and Associate Professor with Texas A&M University, based at a research center in North Texas for nearly six years. I began working as a crop physiologist for the USDA-ARS at the Pendleton Station in late 2021 and am launching new research here. My broad research interests include improving the productivity, quality, and resilience of crop plants, as well as improving the economic and environmental sustainability of cropping systems. I have worked on a range of issues, including nitrogen fixation by legumes, traditional and remote sensing-based plant phenotyping, organic and other alternative farming systems, plant root systems, fertilizer management, and others.


Curtis' Team:

Craig Bohan

Craig Bohan
Biological Science Technician

Curtis’ Research:

  • Investigating the crop physiology of wheat, identifying traits that result in greater yield, quality, and resilience to stress.
  • Evaluating production and nitrogen fixation traits of newly released food-grade winter peas, and developing a plant growth model
  • Assessing grain mineral density in wheat across the inland Pacific Northwest for human health and plant nutrition
  • Contributing to the sustainable cropping systems research of the Resilient Dryland Farming Alliance (RDFA)