Dr. Francisco Calderon

Francisco Calderon, Ph.D.
CBARC Director & Soil Scientist

Oregon State University

Office: 541‐278‐4415
Cell: 970‐222‐3021
Located at the Pendleton Station

I am a native of Puerto Rico, and received my PhD in Crop and Soil Sciences from Michigan State University. Prior to becoming director of CBARC in 2021, I had worked for UC Davis, and for the USDA-ARS. I chose soils as a focus of my research career because of their central role in our subsistence and because some of the most interesting researchers I met early on my career happened to be soil scientists. My favorite pastimes are playing the guitar and watersports.


Francisco’s team:

Paulina Ramirez Cisterna

Paulina Ramirez Cisterna
Postdoctoral Scholar

Rachael Plunkett April 2022

Rachael Plunkett
Biological Sciences Research Technician 2

Francisco’s Research:

  • Lead PI on the Carbon Center

Video Collection: