Dr. Hero Gollany

Hero Gollany, Ph.D.
Research Soil Scientist

USDA Agricultural Research Service

Office: 541‐278‐4410
Located at the Pendleton Station

Dr. Hero Gollany received her BS degree in Soil Science from the University of Minnesota in 1984, MS in Agronomy (Soil Physics/Management) in 1986, and PhD in Agronomy (Soil Biochemistry/Chemistry) in 1992 from South Dakota State University.


Hero’s team:

Avery Cook
Avery Cook
Biological Science Technician
Victor Fernandez-Alos

Victor Fernandez-Alos

Wayne Polumsky

Robert Wayne Polumsky (Wayne)
Physical Science Technician


Hero’s Scientific Roles:

  • Project lead of the USDA-ARS National Program 212-Soil and Air. To understand the effects of and prepare agriculture for, adaptation to climate change.

Hero's Current Projects:

  • Nutrient Cycling and Precipitation Use Efficiency for Increasing Productivity and Resilience in Dryland Agroecosystems. 

  • USDA-ARS lead of Soil Carbon Research.

  • The U.S. Croplands Research Group Co-Chair, Global Research Alliance for Agricultural Greenhouse Gases (GRA). Croplands | Global Research Alliance

  • Quantify impact of intercropping legume cover crops with winter wheat to increase soil organic carbon and reduce herbicide and synthetic nitrogen fertilizer inputs.

  • Examine the use of biochar (thermal carbonized manure) as amendments in dryland wheat production systems in order to improve soil pH in nitrogen fertilizer application zone under no-till and plant health, and profitability.

  • Examine the use of biostimulants as amendments in dryland wheat production systems in order to improve soil and plant health, profitability, and resilience to extreme weather and climate change.