Dr. Nicole Durfee

Nicole Durfee, Ph.D.

USDA Agricultural Research Service

Office: 541‐278‐4354

Located at the Pendleton Station

I grew up in Missouri and joined the U.S. Marine Corps not long after my finishing my undergraduate degree. While in the Marine Corps, I served first as a CH-53E pilot and later as a supply officer. I resumed my education after leaving active duty and received a PhD in Water Resources Science from Oregon State University. My graduate research focused on the impacts of land use/land cover on the ecohydrology of semi-arid rangeland ecosystems in central and eastern Oregon.  A key part of this research included combining remote sensing-based measurements and in-situ data collection to better understand spatial and temporal characteristics of the water balance. I joined the ARS-Pendleton office as a hydrologist in December of 2022. My research interests include assessing the impacts of different cropping systems and management approaches on water use efficiency and soil moisture storage. My hobbies include backpacking, hiking, and playing the viola.


Nicole's Team:

Biological Science Technician

Nicole’s Research:

  • Examine how stubble height management treatments impact microclimate, including soil water storage, wind speed, and soil temperature )