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Cereal cyst nematode

Fusarium crown rot

Root-lesion nematode

Rhizoctonia root rot


Hessian fly

Seed Treatments

planting time on winter wheat seed treatment trials

Planting winter wheat plots with a plot sized drill to study the stand and yield variation caused by different seed treatments


After sand in cups is inoculated with a specific crown rot fungus, a single cultivar of wheat per pot is screened for genetic resistance.

860 cultivars of wheat screened for resistance to 3 different crown rot organisms

planting spring wheat in one of 25 root-lesion nematode trials

Planting spring wheat root-lesion nematode plots designed to assess resistance and damage potential

cyst collection funnel

Collecting Heterodera avenae cysts from infested soil by flotation and then sieving

Pythium can reduce emergence in seed treatment studies

Pythium is one of many pathogens controllable by management practices